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Inspirational Quotes(The Greatest And Supreme)

Inspirational quotes that my girlfriend sent me everyday when i was struggling hard. It worked for me so will do for you.

Motivational quotes
Inspirational Quotes

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Quotes inspire, provoke, annoy or confirm us.

They encourage us to think. Or bring to the point, what we feel in us, but just can not formulate so right.

An apt quotation can help us to look at a situation with other eyes or simply to see more clearly.

Because these habits of life are so invaluable, we have compiled a selection here. They are particularly beautiful, unusual or even striking among them.

Would you like to hang up the one or the other quote in a visible way, or just print it out and carry it with you? We have beautiful pictures and designed in the postcard format. Below you can download the designed quotations.

Inspirational quotes

"Progress is not possible without deviation from the norm."
- Frank Zappa

"Great spirits discuss visions. Normal spirits discuss events. Little ghosts are discussing people. "
- Eleanor Roosevelt

"Starting is not rewarded, only the endurance."
- Catherine of Siena

"Forgiveness is the key to action and freedom."
- Hannah Arendt

"A gram of good example is more than a hundred words."
- Francis of Sales

"A problem is half solved, if it is clearly formulated."
- John Dewey

"Everything that happened in the world first took place in the imagination of a man."
- Astrid Lindgren

"The sorting out of the insubstantial is the core of all life-time."
- Laotse

"The fact that we lack a thing should not prevent us from enjoying everything else."
- Jane Austen

"People will forget what you said. People will forget what you have done. But people will never forget what feeling you have given them. "
- Maya Angelou

"Comparing is the end of happiness and the beginning of dissatisfaction."
- Søren Kierkegaard

"Happiness is a fleeting commodity that is experienced at the moment. No condition for eternity. "
- Armin Mueller-Stahl

"The truth is rarely so. Most of the time it is so and so. "
- Geraldine Chaplin

"The highest form of happiness is a life with a degree of insanity."
- Erasmus of Rotterdam

"One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory."
- Rita Mae Brown

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Inspirational Quotes(The Greatest And Supreme)
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