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30 Romantic Love Quotes By Famous People For People In Love

It's damn hard to put love in word. Or is it? There are many Luckily love quotes from famous people on this subject. In the following article, we present the 30 best love quotes by famous people, as well as 15 others. 

 Romantic Love Quotes
 Romantic Love Quotes 

Top 30 love quotes 

●Let go, what you love. If it's back, it's yours - forever. Confucius 

●You and I we are one. I can not hurt you without hurting myself. Mahatma Gandhi 

●Nowadays one does not give one's heart any longer, one rented at most for a time. Ernst Ferstl 

●Love is the desire to give something , not to get. Bertolt Brecht 

●Love: to think of someone without thinking. Karlheinz Deschner 

●Love is when you want to sing day and night. Without fee and manager. Frank Sinatra 

●Love me when I have earned it the least, because then I need it most. Anonymous 

●Eternal Love: eternity in its most transient form. Hans Krailsheimer 

●Love is the only fairy tale that begins with but never closes with 'it once'. Hans Lohberger 

●There is nothing more beautiful than to be loved, loved for its own sake, or rather in spite of himself. Victor Hugo 

●Love is a cage with bars of luck . Claudia Cardinale 

●Love is a substance that nature has woven and embroidered. Voltaire 

●Cheaters put others in. Lovers themselves. Oliver Hassencamp 

●Whoever betrays the secrets of the bed does not deserve love. Ingeborg Bachmann 

●Do not confuse the pleasure pleased with the happiness of love . Coco Chanel 

●The desire for love is not the desire of love, but of vanity. Friedrich Nietzsche 

●Kisses are what is left of the language of paradise. Joseph Conrad Platonic 

●love seems to me to be an eternal goal, never to be pushed. Wilhelm Busch

●Love: the strength to bear not only one's own, but also the imperfection of another lifetime. Ron Kritzfeld 

●Children who are not loved will be adults who do not love. Pearl S. Buck 

●Love is agony, lovelessness is death. Marie of Ebner-Eschenbach 

●If you love an ugly woman, there is no reason for it to stop - quite the opposite. They will love them more and more, because as beauty decreases with time, ugliness is constantly increasing. Sacha Guitry 

●Women want to experience romance in romance, men short stories. Daphne du Maurier 

●Hate is the love that has failed. Søren Aabye Kierkegaard 

●Love is patience, sex impatience. Erich Segal 

●Religion has shown a great service to love by declaring it a sin. Anatole France 

●Love is a time word, a relationship word, a word or a circumstantial word - depending on the situation. Orson Welles 

●To write a love letter, you have to start without knowing what you want to say and end without knowing what you said. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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30 Romantic Love Quotes By Famous People For People In Love
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