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20 Love Quotes That Makes Flirting And Chatting So Easy

You want to tell your dream partner how much you love him but do not know how? Then love quotes are your salvation!

20 Love Quotes That Makes Flirting And Chatting So Easy
20 Love Quotes That Makes Flirting And Chatting So Easy

Love quotes - where you find them

Here, however, a little creativity is required. Because, of course, you can quickly find a series of love stories in seconds - the Internet makes it possible. However, it is much more romantic when a saying has a certain meaning for you and your treasure. A verse from the favorite book or film, a text line from the common love song, etc. You will see, such small gestures can cause miracles. The most beautiful love quotes.Best of shayari presents some good quotes for you.

A loved one awakens qualities that were not known to be possessed.

- There is love in this: that two lonely ones protect and touch and talk with each other. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

- moons and years pass, but a beautiful moment shines through life. (Franz Grillparzer)

- Love is a great disease - there must always be two to bed. (Robert Lembke)

- I think of "you" and the day is beautiful.

-Wake up - think of "you" - and be happy.

- I do not like love who loves with words. (Sophocles) - Love is the most pleasant state of partial insanity. (Marcel Aymé)

Love is the attempt of nature to clear the mind. (Thomas Niederreuther)

- Love is the poetry of the senses. (Balzac)

God's love and goodness are manifold. He has sent me an angel in the form of a woman who meets me "in love".

- The bigger the man, the deeper his love. (Leonardo da Vinci)

- Only since I love, life is beautiful; Only since I love I know that I am alive. (Grains)

- Not if you are amiable, you are loved; If you love youself, you will be found amiable. (Börne)

- Life is the meaning of life only through love. That is, the more we love and give ourselves to ourselves, the more meaningfully our life becomes. (Hermann Hesse)

In Love, all the contradictions of life are lost and lost. Only unity and duality are not in contradiction in love. (Rabin Dranath Tagore)

- "I will go with you to the end of the world, to the end of time. Until it snows. "

A heart has its reasons which the understanding does not know. (Blaise Pascal)

-If I love you more than me, then I love more people than me ...

Love is life, for it opens feelings, minds and senses. (Christian von Kamp)

- Love means to be able to see another person as God meant him. (Dostoevsky)

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20 Love Quotes That Makes Flirting And Chatting So Easy
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