Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Why Love Is So Hard

While we wait for the partner to solve our problems, to fulfill the desire, fill the inner void and actually give meaning to our whole life, true love will remain for us... is unavailable.

Why Love Is So Hard
Why Love Is So Hard

  1. He (she) do this? Why is it so hard to meet our "soul mate"? 
  2. How to understand that it's really love? 
  3. And do you love me truly?.. All of our lives with dreams of a great love is built around such issues. 

They concern to us, and we constantly ask ourselves and sometimes our partners.

In this age of consumption, when romance, flowers, chocolate and hearts are traded every year on 14 February and 8 March, and romance is increasingly moving to the jurisdiction of glossy magazines and sellers of romantic products, love also becomes a consumer product.

In a society where quick results are listed without effort, foolproof recipes and safeguards against any risks, my love, we are also unwittingly embedded in a format of profitability:

"You disappoint me – we are less attracted to each other – it's time to leave!"

We want it hot

"When the first love fades and the relationship becomes smoother, many couples do break up, confirms family psychotherapist Rebecca. – A lot of men and women believe that to truly love means to be fully in the flow of passion.

The pursuit of strong emotions is preferable to harmony and balance in relationships, the desire to get to know the world of the elect". Some may have the idea of love as a dependence, like drug.

Thirst continuous from the search on the Internet.

 "Meet thousands of new people every day – boasts a is one of the popular Dating sites. – This means that there will always be an occasion for new meetings!"

Capable of fast browsing, unlimited casting of candidates creates the illusion that we will find what has failed this time.

"Dating online is a part of modern life, and in a sense they come to the rescue of modern man – said psychotherapist Alexander. 

On the other hand, they form consumer attitude in us to love: like we are in the supermarket, and Departments are like various partners... Our communication is becoming more intensive, the Dating process is accelerated. The number of potential contacts grows, however, they become more brief, ephemeral".

Love – the residue of Paradise on earth. 

Lovers have no problem in their hands and they have all the powers of the world, they need neither sleep nor food. But true love is different, she's a seer, she sees the being of man. Love, they say, is blind.


In love I see a man the way I want it to be.

I still know so little of him that fill all my desires.

Thus, I'm always in love with my own idea.

And that's what makes love a heavenly experience, because in my view there is no shadow sides.

In another we see his charm, attractiveness. And these carnations hung their ideas about it.

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Why Love Is So Hard
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