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Love For A Lifetime: How To Choose A Life Partner

How to understand the forces whether you will be in long term relationships? World famous analyst lists the most important quality of a life partner, with whom love is possible for life.

Love For A Lifetime: How To Choose A Life Partner
Love For A Lifetime: How To Choose A Life Partner

How To Choose A Life Partner

❤Choose as if you were blind. Close your eyes and try to see that you loved this man: his kindness, loyalty, ability to intuitively understand your feelings, deep affection, the willingness to take care of you, of myself as an independent person.

❤Choose someone who is curious, able to learn, to see things differently, to explore, to try and improve yourself.

❤Choose the one who would like to be like you... strong and steady, but at the same time flexible in the wind, like a tree. Receptive, able to see and notice the life around you, someone who lives consciously.

❤Choose someone who does not hide his feelings from you when you hurt him, and who, in turn, notices and regrets when you suffer for his fault. Share your feelings with your partner at least 24 hours after your separation. Choose someone who knows how to sympathize with you.

❤Choose someone who lives a rich inner life, who has interests, Hobbies, who moves in his own way – and who would want in a life partner of the same independent person.

❤Choose someone with whom you have the same propensities and passions. To be in a relationship is to create shared memories, to do something together – memories of time spent together will support the Union in hard times. It can be something very simple.

❤Choose someone with whom you have common views on children, money, marriage and family. So you reduce the tension in relations. On those key questions you need to determine before you decide to enter into a long-term Union. When agreement reaches on practical issues, It is much easier to fly in the sky, surrendering to the feelings.

❤Choose someone who knows what is tenderness and compassion, – is able and willing to listen, take as much time as you devote to it.

❤Choose someone who knows how to laugh at themselves, or someone who can stop a fight in the middle of a sentence.

❤Be ready to close eyes to a number of shortcomings and mistakes. Understand, what you're willing to tolerate and what not. If the person is not at odds with his conscience often lies, hides the error for a dramatic exaggeration, rather than admit it in front of you, the relationship begins on shaky ground.
To find the love of your life, be friends, not just lovers. Are you ready to help your partner, how would a good friend?

❤Very important: choose someone who enriches your life, brings new colors, ideas and feelings.

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Love For A Lifetime: How To Choose A Life Partner
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