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37 Love Phrases About Love In English, French,Italian,Spanish

Romantic and cute love phrases about love in English, French,Italian,Spanish and Latin with meaning in English.

Love Phrases
Love Phrases

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1 Beautiful phrases about Love, short, but with meaning 
2 Phrases of Love with translations in different languages 

  1. 2.1 In English 
  2. 2.2 French 
  3. 2.3 In Italian 
  4. 2.4 In Spanish 
  5. 2.5 Latin 

3 Love phrases (quotes), funny with a hidden meaning 

(1)Beautiful phrases about Love, short, but with meaning 

Beautiful short phrases about love, give an opportunity to look at relationships from a different angle. While some lovers are losing it, others revealed the poetic gift. 

  1. Even in the bowl with the highest love there is bitterness. (Habakkuk). 
  2. True love does not need outsiders. (F. Nietzsche). 
  3. Love is more important than justice. (Sting). 
  4. Love contains both honey and gall. (Plautus). 
  5. Let's move on to WE...
  6. I lost myself in you! 

(1)Phrases of Love with translations in different languages 


Perhaps the British before anyone understood the nature of love and shared their discovery. "To fall in love" being in love translates as "fall in love" and very accurately describes the beginning of feeling poorly amenable to the laws.

The language of Shakespeare and Byron, a rich deep quotes about this sublime feeling. 

  1. To love is to become stupid at the same time. 
  2. Love is the game – plays both, and win together.
  3. If you want to be loved – love yourself! – I want to be loved – love yourself! (Seneca). 


French supposedly created for romance, love and tenderness. 

  1. Vous pouvez avoir tous les bijoux de la planète, mais si personne n aimez – vous personne. – You can have all the jewels of the planet, but if nobody like you nobody. 
  2. Signifie Aimer vouloir vieillir avec votre ensemble. To love means to be willing to grow old together with your beloved. 
  3. Avoir Peur de l'amour de la souffrance, de ne pas vivre, parce que de mourir. – Fear of suffering love is like not living because you are afraid to die. 
  4. Le cœur voit Souvent ce ne voit pas à l'oeil. Often the heart sees what is not visible to the eye. 


Love to melodious, Italian sound like romantic music: 

  1. Amare, significa trovare la propria felicità nella gioia Dell'amato. To love means to find happiness in the joy of a loved one. 
  2. Preferisco morire fra le braccia di restare senza te. – Would prefer to die in your arms than live without you. 
  3. Come sei tu, è facile amare, dire su questo è difficile, non si può lasciare. Such as you, easy to love, to tell difficult, but you can not leave. 
  4. Se tu fossi stata in lacrime, io non avessi pianto per te da non perdere. – If you were the tears I would not cry ever, so you don't lose. 

In Spanish 

The Spaniards are known to all, as a passionate nature that was reflected in their love phrases: 

  1. Yo nunca tengo a nadie... ama porque el que permanecerá, y si no dejará de todos modos! – I never hold anyone... because that will remain, if not, leave anyway! 
  2. Por último, he encontrado su tesoro – sólo es necesario que no falló el corazón. Finally, I found my treasure, now only you need to not disappoint the heart.
  3. Sentimientos De amor – el veneno rare propiedades, incluso la enfermedad se cura. – Amorous feelings – poison rare properties, even disease cures. 

In Latin 

In Latin there are many wise phrases, including about romantic feelings. 

  1. Praevalebunt Amor omnia – Love all prevail. 
  2. Ab amore non est remedium. – From love not medicine. 
  3. Amantes sunt amentes. – Love is madness! 

(1)Love phrases (quotes), funny with a hidden meaning 

  1. If you wish, then I will take everything from you, even the name! 
  2. Your name is in my cardiogram! The couple, who met in a secluded spot, no one will think that they quote the "our father". 
  3. Well, no – before the wedding the groom did not stutter! 
  4. For a start, he filmed it with rose-colored glasses.

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37 Love Phrases About Love In English, French,Italian,Spanish
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