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100 Reliable Ways To Get Out Of Boredom(Without A Computer)

These are 100 reliable ways to get rid of boredom and boring mood. And you don't even need a computer. 

100 Reliable Ways To Get Out Of Boredom(Without A Computer)
100 Reliable Ways To Get Out Of Boredom(Without A Computer)

A List of 100 reliable ways to dispel boredom without a computer.

  1. Go to the Park.
  2. Visit the restaurant or cafe.
  3. If the weather is nice go for a jog.
  4. Join a group with the same interests (dancing, sculpture, drawing).
  5. Go to a karaoke bar.
  6. Apply for a gym membership.
  7. Go to the swimming pool.
  8. start a campaign in a bath or a sauna with friends.
  9. Relax in the SPA.
  10. Collect sports team and play soccer or basketball.
  11. Order your track in bowling.
  12. Go fishing.
  13. Go on a picnic.
  14. Go to the quest room with friends.
  15. Dress warmly and go ice-skating.
  16. Play in "Mafia" at the club.
  17. Book a lesson a great tennis instructor.
  18. Order your billiard table.
  19. Go to the climbing club.
  20. Play table tennis.
  21. Go to a nightclub.
  22. make shopping on site.
  23. Go to cooking lessons in sweet chocolate.
  24. check out the wine tasting, cheeses or sweets.
  25. Learn foreign language.
  26. Go for a night at the movies.
  27. Visit a food fair.
  28. Embark on a journey in the near, where long wanted to visit.
  29. Join a club pottery.
  30. do yoga.
  31. master the art of meditation.
  32. Go to cooking classes.
  33. Go to the Mall and play at the slot machines and simulators.
  34. Organize personal photo shoot.
  35. be Engaged in needlework.
  36. Jump on the trampoline.
  37. Join a computer club and learn the necessary programs.
  38. horseback riding.
  39. Go to the zoo.
  40. Go Hiking (mountains or forest).
  41. go through your old clothes and throw out what don't wear.
  42. Take old clothes and try to give it a new look. Feel like a designer.
  43. go through old photos and make a photo album.
  44. Make a collage with old photos and funny pictures.
  45. Try to write a poem.
  46. Sign up for lessons on musical instruments.
  47. If you already know how to play musical instruments, find a training base and play with friends to your favorite songs like a real rock star.
  48. Buy a ticket to a ballet or theatrical performance.
  49. master the art of macrame.
  50. Go to the Opera.
  51. Record the song in professional Studio recordings.
  52. Subscribe to interesting magazines and Newspapers. Read the press.
  53. Join a Golf club.
  54. Visit the Philharmonic.
  55. Go to the concert of your favorite musical groups.
  56. Enjoy origami.
  57. Vivacite flowers and other items from beads.
  58. Breed and care for flowers.
  59. Sign up for a fitness center.
  60. Learn quilling (song from twisted paper strips).
  61. Make flower arrangements.
  62. Go for a bike ride.
  63. Go to the roller rink.
  64. Sign up for lessons in carving.
  65. start a campaign on go-karts.
  66. Gather your friends to play paintball.
  67. to Make alterations in the room.
  68. Visit the art exhibition.
  69. check out the Museum.
  70. Order your own portrait.
  71. make an appointment for a massage.
  72. Join a volunteer organization.
  73. Go to the city Saturday.
  74. Participate in beauty contests, or team contests in Nightclubs.
  75. Go to the water Park.
  76. Visit the Dolphinarium.
  77. Go to the terrarium.
  78. Collect your personal collections (stamps, calendars, figurines, magnets, etc.)
  79. trick your friends.
  80. to Arrange a pillow fight.
  81. to Arrange a night competitions with friends.
  82. to Learn Morse code. 
  83. to Send friends and family letters for the holidays or just because.
  84. Prepare the gifts for friends.
  85. crossword puzzles.
  86. let's Learn how to print.
  87. Launch a kite.
  88. Buy a Domino and build a big snake.
  89. Draw your own comic book.
  90. a game of Darts.
  91. Shoot in the dash.
  92. Learn to ride a skateboard.
  93. create your own herbarium.
  94. keep a diary.
  95. Learn to solve the cube "Rubik".
  96. Make your own family tree.
  97. Turn on the radio and request a song.
  98. Place sports records and achieve them.
  99. Learn how to cook the soap.
  100. Throw a shindig.

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100 Reliable Ways To Get Out Of Boredom(Without A Computer)
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