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10 Cool Ways To Win A Woman's Heart Even If She Hates You

To Woo women is not easy, because many modern women know their value and are well versed in men. But to win a girl's heart it is only possible if you know how.

10 Cool Ways To Win A Woman's Heart Even If She Hates You
10 Cool Ways To Win A Woman's Heart Even If She Hates You

How to Woo a woman?

So, top 10 ways to impress a woman:

(1)Perseverance and self-confidence

Perseverance and self-confidence, sometimes turning into arrogance.

Yes, it's not a secret that women love confident men, who believe in themselves and in their abilities and achieve their goals.

And the arrogance is sometimes discouraging and makes you agree.

But all you need to know the measure, so that such qualities should not go into insolence, rudeness or crudeness.


Although it is believed that women love to hear with their ears, yet actions speak much more than words, and modern women understand this very well.

So go for it!

But how exactly?

Actions must be like that the woman should realize that her boyfriend can be considered as a potential partner.

Second, they have to be romantic, because romance is something lacking in many modern girls.

For example, you can climb the balcony and give her a bouquet of flowers or to arrange an amazing date that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Well, the cute little things and surprises too should not be forgotten, they should always be present, so that the chosen one did not doubt the intentions.


Women don't like stingy men, so it is very important to prove that you are certainly not greedy.

And make it pretty easy: pay your bills in restaurants, give gifts, arrange expensive dates.

But what if money is not so much?

Try to save them for the honeymoon period, because it is very important.

And then the costs should be reduced.

(4)Appearance, grooming. 

Women love not only to hear with her ears but also other senses, e.g., eyes and nose.

So if you wear a dirty shirt, forget to shower or use deodorant, it is unlikely to make an impression on a girl.

And do not think that women would like such errors in appearance.

She thinks his man should be attractive, sexy and well-groomed.

So do everything you can, to look presentable: be sure to clean shoes, wash and iron the clothes (certainly stylish and fashionable, emphasizing your strengths), take a shower and use deodorant and expensive scent (the smell is not less important).


And it should not be artificial and feigned, but sincere, but not Intrusive.

Be interested in the life of a woman, engage her in conversation, and help (even in minutiae), often look at her (of course, a love glance), always show that she is important to you.

If the lady is your colleague, then offer her a coffee, and certainly one that she loves.

If she is your friend, then call her, look for an excuse to meet and talk.


Bright and unexpected emotions to provide a good mood and a charge of vivacity for the whole day.

And if you give all this to the woman, she will surely appreciate your efforts and will jump to the conclusion that you and she will be good and interesting.

By the way, surprise is much simpler than it might seem at first glance.

For example, during the working day to please a girl with a delicious dessert, or a bouquet of flowers, invite her for a picnic (but these events are now very rare), to go along with a hike or a sports club.

In General, do what the chosen one was not used, but first, better learn to avoid mistakes in the choice of means and methods of surprise.

(7)Erudition and ability to communicate. 

To become intellectually developed, read books, various "smart" articles, watch educational programs, communicate, in General, be improved.

Be able to support any topic, it is interesting to tell something new and of course make awesome compliments (remember that women love with their ears).


If it came to intimacy, then your main task will be not to show itself in all its glory and look like a Casanova, but to give pleasure to a woman.

And for this, listen to her feelings, do what she likes, what her body responds.

If it is shackled, then try to liberate, for example, having a conversation about lovemaking and learned that she likes.

And remember that it is necessary to think not only about you, because in bed there is always two, and pleasure should be shared and mutual.


How is the quality of care accurately assess any woman, because it says that man will be a great husband and father.

And to show yourself just the way should prove that you care how he lives and how it feels darling.

For example, if the street is cool, give her your jacket or coat (don't forget to strengthen the immune system so as not to feel ill in such situations).

In the rain, drag it through puddles. In winter, always check, is she warm enough.

But if a girl gets sick, you have to come and create for her the most comfortable conditions.

(10)Ignoring Her

Sometimes the rule is triggered "the less we love a woman, the more she likes us".

Shouldn't be too Intrusive, it can be annoying.

But temporarily ignoring can be perceived as a challenge.

And if you like a woman, it will certainly take the initiative itself and shows she misses you.

But it does not always work and not with everyone, so if you are gone, and the girl does not respond, remind about yourself!

So these are the top 10 coll ways to win a woman's heart and impress her and fall in love with her.

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10 Cool Ways To Win A Woman's Heart Even If She Hates You
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