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What Is Love?:- Views Of Rich Indian Unmarried GIRLS

What is love? find out what today's girls and boys think about it, specially rich Indian unmarried girls.

What Is Love?
What Is Love?

Today's topic in our session, Is Love in a different view! In this 5 minutes article the topics discussed with you are :-

  1. How is love now a days? 
  2. Where are the lovers getting problems? 
  3. What is the clear solution for this? 
  4. And how can we identify our soul mate? 

If we love anyone, how to love them and so on.

In this world, the most interesting, most experienced, And most discussed topic is love.

There may be a story without persons. But there will be no person without a love story.

All the times, we hear some topic on love. Actually what is love? Where does it start? How will it be? And when will it end?

From my side, I experienced first love from my parents. Mom and dad! I will always be thinking, we are truly loved by our parents.

We will truly love our children. But this relation will Maximum be a one side love.

Like Arya, Feel my love! Now coming to the love between a boy and a girl.

This will maximum be confusing. According to me, 99% people will not have a clarity.

From our teenage, one question will always be raised.

  • Who is my soulmate? 
  • Where is he/she? 

Nowadays mostly the love is very beautiful to eyes.

If we see a girl like the heroine in hollywood movie.. ..or boy like hero in Krish movie.

We will fall in love, in just a minute. Then to impress her, we present her with small gifts.

Sending messages in Facebook Sharing images in WhatsApp Talking on phone for whole night Then proposing her in a romantic time.

Till then, we will be happy because of the intention that she should be mine.

Whether we like or not, we will be favourable to her.

Even the interest to know everything for her. We will be happy till then.

Look how girls respond after some time:-

The actual movie starts now. Your phone is engaged, Whom are you talking with?

You were talkative before, But are quite now. You said to come by 6, why did you make me wait?

Why are you not loving me as before?

At a time of thinking to lead life happily together.

One more new question will be raised. Then we think who is our soulmate?

That question changes to, is he my Soulmate or is she my soulmate?

This will increase the distance between them.

Breakup time

Then the climax is breakup Where is the love in this and how much is it there.

I am not sure of this. By analyzing where the problem is, According to me, we have to divide the love into two phases.

Phase 1, if we like anyone we should not love them first.

We should doubt them. We have to know every small thing about them.

And then, are they compatible with us in everything is to be known.

And the main thing is that we have to wait. We should spend minimum for 6 months to know about a person completely.

Let's see what mistakes boys do when they fall in love with a hot and beautiful girl

This is the mistake we do. We first think love is blind and start loving.

Later on thinking life is blank, we spend the rest of life in sorrow.

All say love is blind, with that we believe love is blind. But love is not blind, we are blind. We love closing our eyes.

God has created the emotion of love.

There will be a process in everything created by God.

Nothing will be instant. If the baby has to be born there is a process of 9 months Then to fall in love, is 1 second enough?

Always Remember Boys, Don't do below mistake(Very important)

So the thumb rule is, please wait for 6 months before proposing someone. Because decisions taken in happiness and Emotion, are 99% wrong.

I repeat, decisions should not be taken in happiness and emotions.

After 6 months how to identify, Is she my soulmate are not.

When we smile if someone sits beside us, When we feel lonely if someone is not beside us With whom we express everything without any hesitation The person who will not raise our defects and being comfortable and make us feel comfortable There he is, or there she is.

Now you can propose without any hesitation. Or you can accept the proposal if anyone proposes you.

Alert For Boys

Now phase 2: But remember, once you propose there should be only love.

There should not be blaming, questioning... Should not give place to negative emotions Caring, sharing, support, entertainment, encouragement on what we show should not have any selfishness in love, There will be friendship in that love.

Love will be together forever where there is friendship.

Then only we can enjoy the power of love.

Love will always be perfect but lovers cannot be perfect.

There will be some faults in every one. That should be understood by us. That cannot have any specific measurements.

I have seen many lovers. Even when the lover is beside them, they will feel like someone unknown is beside them. They will be feeling lonely.

Some will be afraid as a devil, seeing the lover. And some feel insecure.

They feel if not loved and spend time, She may think, he is not correct.

Living alone is better than this feeling. What is special if we do love the Same, as the others do.

If we love what others does not like in them, is love. Loving beautiful girl is not a love, we should love those life is beautiful with.

Many say love leaves sadness in the last moments. But love never make us sad, only the people do. Loneliness will make us sad.

Cheating will make us feel very bad. We cannot bear losing someone. If anyone does not want us, nothing is more than that.

Remember Below Points

But remember one thing, we should not expect love from anyone. Just express your love to them.

You love and it will be back to you. What is Newton's 3rd law? Every action has equal and opposite reaction.

That will come back to you for sure. Even our enemy will come back to us and love us.

Love to express, but not to impress.

So keep loving and be loveable.

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What Is Love?:- Views Of Rich Indian Unmarried GIRLS
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