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Pokémon GO: 5 Reasons Why You Should Play

5 Reasons why you should play Pokemon Go. From Health point of view to enjoyment. These are the reasons.

Pokémon GO: 5 Reasons Why You Should Play
Pokémon GO: 5 Reasons Why You Should Play

Are you obsessed with Pokemon go because i know i am but would you believe that there are people out there who just aren't convinced enough to play, so to all those Pokemon go players out there hit the thumbs up and to all those that don't play, i have five reasons why you should start playing today.

I'd like to take only a few seconds here to explain what Pokemon go is to the people that don't really know, Pokemon go is an alternate reality game that you play on your phone. you travel around to different parks libraries and churches catching different virtual Pokemon and fighting in different pokey gyms. that's a very general overview though.

Now what makes Pokemon goes so freaking awesome is that this is the Pokemon game we've been waiting for four years. when Pokemon red and blue or first released, we were also amazed and yet secretly deep inside, we wanted the actual ability to travel around our schools and catch real Pokemon and finally now after 20 years, it's a real thing so if you're not playing Pokemon go here are my five reasons why you should.

Number One 

Pokemon go gives you a reason to get out of your house, they've been tons of articles that have come out that show that Pokemon go is great for helping people with depression, anxiety and the fear of leaving their own home.

Pokemon go is working wonders for mental health. the whole premise of the game is to not sit at home and play but instead to go outside to travel across the land searching far and wide. for many people with mental health issues, sometimes even getting out of bed can be hard but now that the game is intersected nostalgia game-play and the social activity, it's a lot easier for people to go outside.

Number Two 

Pokemon go helps connect people with other like-minded people, now i have to admit i first thought it would be kind of weird running into other people playing but when I actually did it was kind of awesome.

Everyone playing has the same goals to catch where Pokemon to level them up and to be the leader of your own gym and meaning someone else on that journey is super cool whether it's standing around on a street corner after Laura module has been launched or watching a bunch of people run over to go catch a rare Pokemon.

There is a sense of unity that shared among the community everywhere I go I hear people talking about Pokemon go and just hearing them talk about the things that they caught and the different gyms they fought that makes me really feel like there is something big going on that we all share.

Number Three 

Pokemon go makes you get up and go exercise along with meeting other people you have to travel around to catch things. in some cases that means welcome to five or ten kilometers just to Hatcher pokey eggs or walking up and down different blocks just to catch the rare Pokemon that you see in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Some people have even said that playing Pokemon go is the most exercise they've gotten in a long time and this is something we can all benefit from. being able to play video games and get a workout in.

Number Four 

Pokemon go builds a sense of camaraderie among people whether a team valor to mystic or team instinct you feel like you're part of something and you're fighting for something big with the pokey Jim's seeing one that's owned by your team and working to defend it and build up their rep really makes you feel like you're fighting for your team, not to mention people that you meet in the streets that are part of your team and are fighting to protect that chin there is no quicker way to build a friendship.

I can't overlook the fact though that fighting against different teams is a competitive thing and might drive people to be a little bit too competitive but there is something about reading another team's gym and taking it over that feels so good.

Number Five

Pokemon go opens you up to a world of landmarks that you never even noticed before. one awesome thing that Pokemon go is done is that it's highlighted landmarks in my neighborhood that I never noticed before that I now regularly pay attention to, from wall murals, the statues to park signs. these are things i never really noticed before but now the Pokemon go has marked them as pokey stops, I always regularly stop at them, check them out and admire them a little bit, sure most of my attention is focused inside the game but now the Pokemon go has highlighted all these different pokey stops and landmarks around me, I actually go out of my way to find them and to see what they actually look like, areas i completely breathe pass before are now and open world for me to explore.

what do you think that do you play Pokemon go? have you had any running with other real-life players before?

leave your comments below and we'll talk about it. you know it's been a while since something like this has come out that is really brought in so many diverse groups of people together.

I think right now in time represents a really cool moment in history.

It's a moment we all share and can all collectively experience. So for those of you out there who still don't want to play Pokemon go, there's always be jeweled and candy crush as always.

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Pokémon GO: 5 Reasons Why You Should Play
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