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Jennifer Lopez Has Revealed The Secret Of Self-Confidence

Jennifer Lopez has revealed the secret of self-confidence.The star candidly spoke about his sports and beauty mode.

In his 46, Jennifer Lopez proudly bears the title of one of the most beautiful, stylish, seductive and, most importantly, younger looking celebrities. Of course, about how she did it, the star magzine tried to ask her. But nevertheless, answering the same questions every time, the singer manages to reveal new secrets.

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Lopez admitted that she almost does not drink alcohol and is completely eliminated coffee from her diet: "what we eat and drink affects not just our figure, but also affects our skin. My main rule is to drink enough fluids, and I prefer the plain water. This is especially important before exercise — it helps more diligently to exercise and achieve better results."

According to star, the workout brings her the most joy: "I Love to play sports, I get from a real pleasure and joy from it— but you can do it regularly, only if you really feel good. So the basis of my regime — lots of water and proper nutrition.

 If I go to a restaurant, always order the most healthy food from the menu — such as fish with vegetables. Always have fruit for a snack. Watching that in my diet was more protein — with them I longer feel satiated and full of energy".

Water is the best friend of Lopez not only before exercise but after: "I always diligently wash my face after sports — this prevents the pores of my face to be clogged, skin looks fresh and healthy.

Be sure to apply face moisturizer and sunscreen after washing , and lips — a DAB of lip gloss. In ordinary life, try to use a minimum of makeup.

The hair in the ears — a pair of big earrings, and I already feel like a pretty woman.
Secret Of Self-Confidence
Secret Of Self-Confidence

Of course, like any woman, Jennifer doesn't feel confident. "At such moments, I dance. There's something about the process of watching my body in the mirror in dance class — I can see how it moves, works, feel the rush of endorphins. All this helps to improve self-esteem, and mood. Maybe it was the fact that I started my career with dance is my element."

"Of course, it is difficult to resist and not to compare yourself with others — I am very guilty of this," continues Lopez. — Sometimes I had the feeling that I'm not thin. But over time I realized that a healthy and properly functioning body doesn't have to look all the same — it is very individual. Love of self, acceptance of self — setting, to which we all should aspire to. You need to love yourself and stop wasting time on comparing yourself with others. When you love yourself, you are happy, and this is reflected in your body — and that makes you truly beautiful."

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Jennifer Lopez Has Revealed The Secret Of Self-Confidence
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