Friday, 15 July 2016

20 Amazing Things Captured On Camera (Real Photos)

Best of shayari publishes a collection of images that are connected by nothing but one emotion — surprise. What after all it's amazing — the world in which we live.

These are few of the real amazing things that ever captured on camera. These are all real photos not tricked or photoshoped. You will be shocked to see this collection.

Graphene aerogel

The world's lightest solid material.

The pattern of honeycomb

Honeycomb in the clear.


The mechanism of Velcro under a microscope.

 Full Circular Rainbow

Rainbow, taken from the aircraft.

 Tangle Battleship

The dictionary the Armadillo is the only species able to curl up in a ball.

 This car is made of organic glass

Fully transparent acrylic vehicle.

 Terrible and fascinating phenomenon

At sea during a Typhoon.

 Genetics in action

Relatives of the bride and groom not to confuse.

 The wonders of nature

Two trees and one shared branch.


Transplantation of the cornea.

 Thunderstorm and rainbow

Two rare meteorological phenomena, which simultaneously appeared in the sky.

 Dragon head

The great wall of china

 Views of Mars from Earth and Earth from Mars

Impressive shots from two different planets in the Solar system.

Farm fields in Saudi Arabia

The round shape is due to the peculiarities of the irrigation systems.

Water bridge

 The Magdeburg water bridge in Germany.

The two fields of lavender and wheat

 Two fields give the opportunity to enjoy an unusual combination of bright colors.

High-tech Parking

 Parking at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg.

Comet Churyumov — Gerasimenko

A huge comet compared to Los Angeles.

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20 Amazing Things Captured On Camera (Real Photos)
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