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How To Support A Person In Difficult Times

How to support a person in difficult times, How to support a loved one in difficult moment.

How To Support A Person In Difficult Times
How To Support A Person In Difficult Times

One of the primary tests of friendship is the ability to support a loved one in a difficult moment. How you cope in this difficult task, may depend not only on the mental state of your friend, but your subsequent relationship with him.


1)The most important thing in supporting is the ability to listen. This is the first thing that you should do. Prepare for the long outpouring of the others, do not interrupt and do not give advice – yet. Instead, substitute your shoulder, prepare a soothing tea, hug a dear person and listen.

2)Once this important step is completed, all the tears poured and all of the words have been expressed, it's time for your advice. Help your friend to deal with the situation, causing him to action. If a person, being upset, can not objectively assess the situation, and see him in extremely limited quantities, help him to look at the problem from a new angle. Now you are the carrier of objectivity and sobriety, and this is a very important post, because what you would advise a friend, can be implemented.

3)Help your friend to escape. The most important thing is not to rush into the maelstrom of solving the problem, it is important to come to, to relax and unwind. And who, if not friends, are the best helpers in this? Take the tortured suffering of a comrade on a positive event, arrange a theme party or Biking outside the city. All it will dispel the negative mood of your friend and give him hope for a positive resolution.

4)Let them know that whining is not the answer. There are situations when, despite all the efforts and change of mood, after a time it goes back to the tears and complaints. You can not give up, but man it is important to clarify that the endless whining, the problem is not resolved, you need to be strong and to end it once and for all. This will contribute to your positive and proactive attitude.

5)Help to change the other. The one that got a sad lesson in life must add this lesson to his experience and therefore a subject to change. If it is difficult to do it internally, start with appearance: new hairstyle, new style of clothing, a new interest. But internal consistency does not take long. Your friend will change for the better, will be more interesting, wiser and more experienced, and your relationship will gain amazing strength and confidence.

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How To Support A Person In Difficult Times
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