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How To Prove To The Guy That You Love Him

How to prove to the guy that you love him, Some steps that you need to follow to express your feelings to him.

How To Prove To The Guy That You Love Him
How To Prove To The Guy That You Love Him

Alas, not all is so rosy in the relationship, and the guy you love may not believe in your sincerity, and may pretend to not believe. In this case also you need to understand.  On the other hand, if your dear one have experienced something big disappointment in love and doesn't believe in your feelings, than the approach needs to be different.

How To Prove To The Guy That You Love Him

1)Love can't be proved but felt only and live with it. Try to be around as often as possible, talk with your lover about what is interesting to both of you. It is not necessary to display the work to the fore at the expense of his personal life.

2)Try to make a one smile, at least a little, the joy of giving, especially when he was not laughing because of the problems. Not kidding about him, the joke may seem cruel and lead to a quarrel.

3)Give gifts, not necessarily expensive, it can be the little things made with your own hands. They can cheer up not only to you but him also, especially if you guess the preferences and interests of Man.

4)Invent the symbol, which will only be understandable to you two, and would mean: "I love you!" So you will be able to remind him of his feelings in any situation.

5)Learn to be attentive and active listener even if you are very busy, it is enough to periodically nod and smile, if it is a joke, sympathize with him, if it is a serious conversation, you can touch also. Not necessary to answer each cue words.

6)Often hug your boyfriend, often affectionately touch him. Even just passing by, shake hands, Pat on the shoulder. This is better than any words and will say about your attachment.

7)Doing all that he believed in your sincere love, do not ask anything in return. It will take time before people begin to understand and appreciate all of your efforts. Or may be he just never learned to Express his feelings as openly as you do.

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How To Prove To The Guy That You Love Him
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