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How To Eat To Be Healthy(Scientifically proved)

Learn how to eat to be more healthy and become more productive and energetic maintaining a good health.

How To Eat To Be Healthy
How To Eat To Be Healthy

Proper nutrition does not mean a decrease in food consumption. It is not worth to count calories regularly. A balanced and proper diet – the key to your health. So below is a manual for how to eat to be healthy.


Learn how to eat to be healthy and be more productive.

(1)Make your individual food, in order to be energetic and feel good. Try to eat at certain times of the day. Thus, your body will get used to the proposed schedule, and will not be wasting energy on frequent and quick snacks. The digestion of large portions of food has a negative impact on the body. That's why you can experience poor health, depression and fatigue.

(2)Remember, products that are cooked after a long heat treatment is not good for health and energy. Of course, after eating a well-roasted piece of meat, you are not going to feel hunger. However, this is just a nasty consequence of digesting food for the stomach.

(3)Eat more plant foods. It contains the optimum quantity of biologically active substances. Thoroughly chew food. This will simplify the work of intestinal tract and stomach. The meal should last about 30 minutes.

(4)You need to have a full menu that includes the optimal amount of carbohydrates. These elements stimulate a good mood and fills the body with the necessary energy.

(5)Reduce the consumption of sweet food. They result in sudden increase in blood sugar. Thus, the person feels tired. Grain products will help to stabilize the rate of sugar in the body . They digest easy.

(6)Do not pass your breakfast. It can be more dense than lunch or dinner. Remember, the heavy loaded stomach works well in the morning. Note that the body is preparing to rest in the evening and try to knock all the yeast. Try to have the last meal 2-3 hours before bedtime. Do not overload the body in the night to feel discomfort.

(7)Do not forget to pay attention to the proper adoption of fluid to be healthy. Drink Tea, juice or eat 2-3 hours after or 15-20 minutes before eating. This is the most optimal and comfortable for the stomach. Scientists do not recommended to take small quantities of liquids during the meal,

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How To Eat To Be Healthy(Scientifically proved)
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