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How To Propose A Girl In Punjabi Language

How to propose a girl in Punjabi language so that she accepts your proposal. Here are some romantic ways to do that.

How To Propose A Girl In Punjabi Language
How To Propose A Girl In Punjabi Language

Punjabi language is very famous in Bollywood movies. We have seen many movies that uses Punjabi languages for example:- Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Bachna Ae Haseeno, Dil To Pagal Hai and there are lots of lots of movies that used Punjabi language as a weapon to promote the Romance in their movies. And the perfect example will be the romantic songs. Now a days all the romantic songs are written in Punjabi languages. the only reason behind using the Punjabi language to propose a girl in Bollywood song is that Punjabi language touches the heart and soul. And this is the reason that nowadays if a movie has 7 song then almost two or three songs will be in Punjabi language. So here we are showing some cute and romantic ways to propose a girl in Punjabi language. If Bollywood movies can use the Punjabi language then why can't we use to propose a girl.

  1. Punjabi romantic songs
  2. Punjabi propose quotes
  3. Punjabi love letter 
  4. Greeting cards
  5. Couple gifts
  6. Red Rose
  7. Teddy bear

(1)Send her Punjabi romantic songs through WhatsApp 

You can use some of the best romantic Bollywood song written in Punjabi language for example Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai or any other song by Punjabi singer. And can share it through WhatsApp and then ask a girl what do you think about that song. Indirectly she will get a clue that you are interested in her that is the reason you are sending those Punjabi romantic songs to her below we are sharing top 10 Punjabi songs that are very romantic and indirectly propose a girl.

Punjabi Romantic Song List

(1)Kar Gayi Chull
Kapoor & Sons
Badshah, Fazilpuria, Sukriti Kakar & Neha Kakkar

(2)High Heels Te Nachche
Ki & Ka
Meet Bros Feat Jaz Dhami and Aditi Singh Sharma

(3)Ji Huzoori
Ki & Ka
Mithoon Ft. Deepali

(4)Tere Bagair
Channo Kamli Yaar Di
Amrinder Gill

(5)Kaa Bole Banere Te
Kaa Bole Banere Te
A Kay

(6)Me Tenu samjhawa ki
Humpty sharma ki dulhaniya

(7)Pani da rang 
Vicky donor

(8)Tujhme Rab Dikhta hain
Rab ne bana di jodi

(2)Punjabi propose quotes 

This is the best way to propose a girl. You can use these romantic Punjabi propose quotes to propose her.  If she is Punjabi, she will get the point you are interested in her and she will give you a positive feedback. And the best medium to share this Punjabi proposal quotation will be through WhatsApp so copy one of the Punjabi propose message and send it to her.

Punjabi Romantic Quotes

Me mangi se maut rabb toh, usne menu pyaar ch pa ditta.

Tu Lakh Bhula K Vekh Sanu" "Assi Yaari Fir V Nibhawaan Ge" "Tu Paani P P Thak Ja Si" "Assi Hichhkiyan Ban Ban Aawaan Ge"

Rabb mehar kare je sade te,
Zindagi diyan aasan pooriyan hon,
Asin har pal naal tere rahiye,
Kade pyar vich na dooriyan hon

Dil Nu lag jaan Rog te ki Kariye. kise dil Yaad vich Akhiyan ron te Ki kariye.Sanu milan di tamana rehndi he har dum..par jey Pyaray hi Bhul jaan te ki kariye.

dil karda ae tere kol aa ke ruk jaava,
teri bukkal wich rakh ke siir muk jaava,
hanju ban ke digga teriyaa aankha da,
tere bulla de kol aa ke sukh jaava

More Punjabi Propose Quotes

(3)Punjabi love letter 

Sending love letter is the oldest way but still worth effective. Send her your hand written love letter and see the magic of it. People are nowadays using hand written love letter but believe me this is the best way to propose a girl and it still works. You can take any of the Love Letter that is written in Hindi and Punjabi and send it to her. If you don't know how to write a proper love letter then choose any romantic song in Hindi or Punjabi and rewrite it and send it to her. The best option will be sending through WhatsApp or by post. You can also give it to her if you are doing lunch or dinner in a restaurant or you are in a classroom.

Some other ways to propose a girl.

Below are some fantastic and romantic ways to propose a girl.

(4)Archies gretting cards

Send her some Archies romantic greeting cards. I  mention Archies because they are the best in the market. Then they are romantic greeting cards are filled with so much romantic love quotes so the best option to propose a girl is send her romantic greeting cards.

(5)Couple gifts

The most creative way to propose a girl now a days is sending some couple gifts for example you can send her couple mugs, couple key chains, couple T shirts where it says he is mine and another T shirt says she's mine using Graffiti. These are some creative ways to propose a girl.

(6)Power of rose 

You can not underestimate the power of a red rose. If you send a bouquet of red rose then this will be the best option to impress her and propose.

(7)Beautiful teddy bear 

Cute teddy bear can do the job for you even I sent a loving teddy bear to my girlfriend and she told me yes and now a days we are husband-wife so I think it worked for me and it will work for you also so buy a very cute loving Panda or teddy bear and send it to your beloved girl.

So these are some of the romantic and fantastic ways to propose a girl using Punjabi language and some other ways. If you liked it please share it with your friends and enjoy your love life.

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How To Propose A Girl In Punjabi Language
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