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How To Dress To Look More Muscular: Stylist Tips

How to dress to look more muscular, Tips from stylist to make you look stronger, muscular, wider and tall when you wear shirt and T-shirt.

How To Dress To Look More Muscular: Stylist Tips
How To Dress To Look More Muscular: Stylist Tips

It does not matter what style of clothing appeals to you: classic, casual or some else.  For men, a huge problem is that due to their everyday clothes, they look more petite than they actually are. If you have the same problem than you can avoid this if you use the advice of Brian Boye. Thus, you already have muscles now you only need to emphasize them.

Pay attention to the seams 

Your shirt should not be large in the shoulders. If the seams are just below the shoulder line, people will think you are not muscular. They will feel that your body does not completely fill the internal volume of the shirt. If the seams are placed on the product line of the shoulder or a little higher, you will seem a giant. Ambient will be sure that the clothes are bursting at the seams because of your excellent physical shape. So focus on seams.

Find the ideal product 

Choosing a tight-fitting shirt, you're good to emphasize the shoulders and the chest. However, there is a big difference between a neat and tight shirt. Choose models that emphasize the upper body. The bottom of the shirt should be a little more free. When you wear Cotton T-shirt, there must be a five percent stretch. So your silhouette will be a fitting.


Now select the right strategy. It depends on what part of the body you want to visually enlarge. For example, horizontal stripes on clothes make you look a little wider, and the vertical stripes makes you look tall. If your goal is to look over the shoulders, choose a complicated pattern, such as a large cage. Also you can find a two-color products. The top of the shirt should be dark and bottom should be light in color.

Remember that the darker shade across the chest muscle creates the illusion of volume and makes you look wider and strong.

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How To Dress To Look More Muscular: Stylist Tips
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