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4 Patterns Of Behavior That Can Lead To Divorce

4 patterns of behavior that can lead to divorce,Know some common reasons of divorce. Is it in your behavior also?

4 Patterns Of Behavior That Can Lead To Divorce
4 Patterns Of Behavior That Can Lead To Divorce

It is often possible to observe such a picture: people talk slowly or even lead a bitter dispute, but all of a sudden one of the partners takes his phone out of his pocket and starts to dial someone a text message. This behavior is cause for concern in the event that is repeated every day on a regular basis.

According to psychologists, dependence on gadgets and social media is a sure sign that everything in the family relationship is not going smoothly. 14 years ago, employees of the University of California at Berkeley, studied the behavior of couples during a 15-minute conversation.

It turned out that divorce was correctly predicted in 93% of cases. This accuracy prompted researchers to share their thoughts. So, Here are four models of "apocalyptic" behavior, which would inevitably lead to rupture.


Know that contempt, coupled with a mixture of anger and disgust is much more harmful than disappointment or negative. This pattern of behavior clearly demonstrates that one of the partners valued a lot higher, but not on an equal footing with her husband. Disrespect can manifest itself in everything, even in elementary domestic disputes over the purchase of groceries. If you do not want to bring the case to the grand scandals that have arisen out of nowhere, clearly explain to the partner what you want from him, before going to the store. Your partner is not a mind reader, he could not guess that you like green apples instead of red. If once you let his love sleep for lean beef, this does not mean that the spouse should keep this information in mind.

Tip: if you stick to a diet it does not mean that you are smarter than your partner. Before you judge his "low" intelligence, put yourself in his place.


Your criticism is never constructive. If you seem to criticize or say it is in your nature than you are in trouble. Don't criticize all the time otherwise it will become your habit and become the reason of quarrels. You will be looking forward for a chance to poke his nose into his partner's flaw. This pattern of behavior is akin to contempt. Remember the last time you threw a huge scandal over the left in the sink? It was yesterday? You have to think about. But even if you do not arrange fights, but just think about how you are not lucky with your husband, eventually your feelings can lead to contempt.

You play the role of victim 

In your conflict, you are accustomed to playing the role of the victim, especially if formed a difficult situation? You accuse the partner of all mortal sins, make him believe it, but never take responsibility for your own mistakes?

Your favorite method of conflict resolution - obstruction 

Conflict resolution - not your strong point. Constructive dialogue seems a waste of your time. Also, you avoid the scandals with clarifying the relationship, because you are saving your own nerves.

Instead, you expose a partner of obstruction, and the Cold War and the game in a silence begins can last for months. Obstruction is as harmful as contempt. This method can never solve the problem. 

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4 Patterns Of Behavior That Can Lead To Divorce
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