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13 Hollywood Couples Proving That True Love Exists

15 Hollywood couple that proves true love really exists not in movies but in real life as well and they proved it. Read it to know who are they?

13 Hollywood Couples Proving That True Love Exists
13 Hollywood Couples Proving That True Love Exists 

Everyone wants to be loved, but everyone understands that finding true love is never easy. This is especially significant statement for celebrities who are experiencing more problems with finding a potential romantic partner. In the glare of publicity, fame and wealth so easily fall prey to the crafty and shrewd hunters of the state ... But there are some Hollywood couples whose love inspires ordinary people. His existence and devotion to each other, they confirm that the true feelings are possible under any circumstances.

1.Actor Robert Downey Jr and producer Susan Downey 

Charming smiling lady Susan in real life is the wife of "Iron Man." Robert adores his wife. The actor admits that she helped him overcome a drinking problem. Our first Hollywood couple in true love.

2.Actor George Clooney and lawyer Amal Clooney Alamuddin 

Millions of women around the world would dream to be next to George Clooney. However, he chose Amal, a brilliant lawyer and an incredibly beautiful woman. Every time these pair appear together in public, they just shine with happiness. Our second Hollywood couple in true love.

3.Singer Justin Timberlake and actress Jessica Biel 

After nine years of dating, and four years of formal marriage, Justin and Jessica are still happy together.The couple has a charming little boy. The secret of their lasting union is simple: a pair just do not pay attention to gossip and rumors that people spread about them. Our third Hollywood couple in true love.

4.Actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter 

New Sherlock Holmes and his wife Sophie just love each other. Benedict pampers his wife like a queen, and she has always supported her husband in all his undertakings. -
The actor believes that to be next to him is not easy. However, Sophie cope with this task. Our forth Hollywood couple in true love.

5.Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie 

There is hardly a person who still have not heard a mysterious word "Brendzhelina."The two superstars have created strong family and raise six children. Who would have thought that this is possible in Hollywood? Our fifth Hollywood couple in true love.

6.Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky 

The heart of the charming Pataki was captured by mighty Thor.Chris does not bother the age difference: the actor is seven years younger than his lover. These happy couple has three children. Our sixth Hollywood couple in true love.

7.Actors Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed 

One curious fact: Ian and Nicky both played the role of vampire in their previous cinematic role. Who knows, maybe some demonic charm in love attracted to each other? Our 7th Hollywood couple in true love.

8.Actors Javier Bardem and Penelope Kruz 

Undoubtedly, it is the most popular Spanish couple in the world, and they met in 1992. As the saying goes, all over their turn. And Penelope is 5 years elder than her husband. Now the couple has two children. Surely their son and daughter will be very attractive in appearance when they grow up.Our 8th Hollywood couple in true love.

9.Choreographer Benjamin Millepied and actress Natalie Portman 

Natalie and Benjamin have an ordinary family and it is no different from millions of other happy families all over the world. And after the birth of their first child their relationship became even stronger. Our 9th Hollywood couple in true love.

10.Actor Matthew McConaughey and model Camila Alves 

We can say that a famous Hollywood actor and the Brazilian supermodel represent the classical idea of love at first sight. Today the couple have three children. Matthew says that he is still madly in love with his wife. Our 10th Hollywood couple in true love.

11.Actor Daniel Craig and actress Rachel Weisz 

Irresistible smile and piercing blue eyes, Daniel Craig make the heart beat faster of women all over the world. Even the beautiful actress Rachel Weisz could not resist the charms of 007. After twelve years of dating and five years of marriage, the lovers look like they have just met. Our 11th Hollywood couple in true love.

12.Actor Josh Duhamel and singer Fergie Duhamel 

The ex-soloist of the famous band now appears with solo projects, her husband plays in movies. How did they manage to find time for family? Our 12th Hollywood couple in true love.

13.Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum

The couple met ten years ago on the set of the cult dance film "Step Up." Since then, the pair is inseparable. The actors just love his little daughter, and publish images on the social networks of private life. Our 13th Hollywood couple in true love.

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13 Hollywood Couples Proving That True Love Exists
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