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12 Invaluable Lessons That Happy Couples Can Give Us

12 invaluable lessons that happy couples can give us. During wedding couple get a lots of tips funny and serious but if you follow these you will have a happily married life.

12 Invaluable Lessons That Happy Couples Can Give Us
12 Invaluable Lessons That Happy Couples Can Give Us

Typically, during the wedding,young couple gets a lot of tips. Some are funny, others - indeed serious, and if they are listening, can help a young family to survive. In a world where divorce, unfortunately, is common place, people's councils, who were able to build a happy marriage, will help you to keep your family safe.

(1)Never stop going on dates 

Regardless of how long you live together, you can surprise your partner, inviting him (or her) on a date. You can spend the night, pretending that this is your first date. Ultimately, it will make you feel younger and also help to establish a stronger bond. Maybe this advice is already old, but it is still very effective. Once you stop going on dates together, part of the magic fades. Continue to invite each other on dates, whether they are planned or spontaneous, it will help keep the romance.

(2)Some arguments are not justified 

The situation that is probably familiar to many couples: your husband leaves his unharvested things. You can be angry and constantly nag him because of this. But it is important to understand that you are spending more time and effort to talk, to fight this habit, although cleaning would go a lot less. Sometimes you will feel irritation due to the fact that your spouse has said or done, and, of course, want to express it all. But before doing so, consider whether the costs. Sometimes in both tandem would be better to take a deep breath and think about whether you need to really fight or better to suppress his irritation.
Lessons That Happy Couples Can Give Us
Lessons That Happy Couples Can Give Us

(3)But if you do not discuss the problem, they will never go away 

Imagine the situation: your husband was a real workaholic, and this creates some tension between you, when you're waiting for him at home or when you can not be together for a weekend. In marriage there are problems that are not worth fighting for, but there are also important, which needs to be discussed. If you tell us about their concerns about the work, you will be able together to establish some boundaries, for example, no working phone calls during dinner. But if you will not talk, the problem persists, and one day will be so great that you will not be able to solve it.

(4)Separate housework 

If you are better prepared, then take on the responsibility for food preparation. If you hate cleaning up after pets, your husband can take on this responsibility. Many couples share the housework that way. However, over time it will cause disappointment in each other. You'll be asking yourself, why I should do the same thing all the time, if your spouse does not work. Be prepared to do everything by turns, so neither of you will not be disappointed.

(5)Do not forget about the words "please" and "thank you" 

Even if it does not seem to matter after the wedding, then over time you will understand how those words are needed. Without them, any request will sound like an order. Therefore, it is important for couples to continue using them. You do not want your husband felt that his help take for granted. If you use good manners, it is guaranteed that your partner will know how you are grateful to him for what he does for you.

(6)There is nothing better than to share a bed with your spouse 

Begin and end your day with a loved one - it is a luxury, and it should not be taken as something for granted. Unfortunately, you will never know how much time you have to spend together. So open the realization that you start and end your day with the person you love.

Lessons That Happy Couples Can Give Us
Lessons That Happy Couples Can Give Us

(7)Sometimes you will not like your spouse 

Although the marriage - not the place for hate, but sometimes it may be present. Married life - it is a reality, and every emotion that you will experience as real. You will love each other more than anyone, but sometimes you'll probably feel hatred. However, you must work together both on the positive sides of your marriage, and on the negative. And through all the emotions, even hatred, should also be held together.

(8)Do not forget to work on yourself, to be attractive 

Training - is an important part of the work. They keep the body toned and make us feel healthy and attractive. And running for yourself and your health just because you are already married - is not an option. Working on yourself will give you more confidence, and you will feel that you are attractive. Despite the fact that your partner finds you well and in the best or better (otherwise you would not have chosen), he will also see your self-confidence. This will make you even more attractive in front of the second half.

(9)Do not let the intimacy die 

After some time after the wedding, you will find that the fire of love begins to cool. And it is quite natural. But even in marriage you discover a lot of other important things, such a situation can be a bit dangerous. You must make sure that the fire of your love is still burning. Unexpected kiss, lit candles will help you. If intimacy goes, any of you can feel tempted to find it elsewhere.

(10)Do not forget about personal space 

Sure, you want to spend more time with your spouse. Holidays - the best time for this, because you get a soul mate for two whole days, even if you do not anything special together. However, you, as your partner, need private time. After all, before your marriage, there were things that you loved to do, and do not abandon them. For women it can be a chat with friends or shopping. For men - football or guitar. Your wedding - not a reason to give up on the whole and take your favorite activity or with a spouse. Your partner needs a personal space in the same way as you do. Just because you are married, a hobby should not be the same. Let give each other more space, and you will be more fun together.
Lessons That Happy Couples Can Give Us
Lessons That Happy Couples Can Give Us

(11)Do not forget why you are together 

Every day, talking with your loved one, you have to remember why he is special to you, and think of all the reasons why you decided to start a family. It is especially important to do this when you have a difficult time. In the hectic life of the couple sometimes they forget why they decided to be together. Do not do this! When the situation gets out of control, and things do not go as you would like, it is important to remember all the wonderful qualities of your partner with whom you choose to join their lives. If you keep this in mind, you will be able to maintain their relationships.

(12)Your spouse will be all for you 

Once you have exchanged wedding rings, you have to understand that it not only changed the status of your relationship. Place of your partner in your life has also changed. You know that he / she is your best friend, an assistant and adviser. This person will be present in every aspect of your life and help you make the right decisions. Your partner is not only your spouse. Now it will be all for you. Family life goes through a huge amount of life lessons and the different stages of the relationship. No matter how long you are together, your learning continues. There will always be mistakes, holidays, bad times, and true happiness. Wedding - this is not the end of the story, after which you live happily ever, and endless journey in which you go along. 

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12 Invaluable Lessons That Happy Couples Can Give Us
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