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11 Quotations From The Buddha That Will Facilitate Your Soul

11 quotations from the Buddha, which will facilitate your soul. Turn your mind to learn true meaning and wait for the result.

Quotations From The Buddha
Quotations From The Buddha

The words of many prominent religious and philosophical figures come down to us through time. But sometimes people do not attach importance to the moral teachings.You must turn over your own mind, to reflect on the statement, to learn its true meaning, and then to wait for the results. In this publication we present 11 quotations from the Buddha, which are able to ease your soul.

(1)"The way is not in the sky. It runs through the heart " 

The words that are little spiritual in words, spirituality must be inside a man. We can never live a spiritual life without recognizing and extracting advantages of the chosen path. Also, we should not oppose itself to the world.

(2)"The greatest gift - it's health, the greatest wealth - contentment, the best relationships - loyalty" 

Man is able to experience fully all the delights of this world, only when he is in good health. Body, mind and soul must be equivalent to aim for it.

A rich person is not one who has a lot of money, but the one who is in harmony with itself and with the world. Satisfaction - it's much more powerful and useful tool than material wealth. It is only the confidence of the chosen path and will not let you go astray.

(3)"Every man is the creator of their own health" 

Our results depend on many things, each of which we create with our own hands. Nowadays, there are many interesting studies on how various injuries and some emotions can influence the emergence of diseases. All this does not apply to newborn health, his condition only responsible parents. This wisdom fully reflect the long-term impact of our thoughts and actions on the quality of our physical existence. If a person is often sick, he needs to rethink his existence and learn to live in harmony with their emotions.

(4)"Do not dwell on the past, do not dream about the future, focus on the present" 

This moment - this is all that we have at our disposal. We can throw a glance at the past and projected future goals. But the concentration of thoughts on the past or the future robs us now. Therefore, we miss so clear opportunities. He is immersed in gloomy thoughts about the past or thinking about what will happen next. That is why the amazing beauty of nature escapes his attention, and he can not stop, breathe deeply and enjoy the moment. A similar picture emerges in other aspects of life.

(5)"No one will save us but ourselves" 

The man himself has to go his way. He can always wait and hope that someone will come to help solve the problem and save him from suffering. Even voluntarily helping others, you should not rely on the mercy of their response. So you need to fall and get up, try and try, to go and look. If you can not implement his plan, it's time to change yourself. However, these changes should be deliberate and desirable, otherwise they will not work. You just need to take a step and go straight in the direction of, or a person is doomed to walk in circles.

(6)"There are no differences between East and West. People themselves create differences in your head, believe it, and then propagate " 

Each person perceives the situation in their own way, through the prism of his own consciousness. If someone expresses an opinion, it does not mean that it will be equally perceived by different people. Therefore, each person has his own truth. And to make judgments of other people for the ultimate truth - is stupid and hopeless. In this regard, it is not necessary to take the words of others at his own expense to heart. You all know about themselves. This should work in the opposite direction. Do not take other people biased, allow yourself to open your mind and heart.

(7)"Three things can not be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth" 

As two permanent things that accompany us in the sky, day and night, the truth can not be concealed from others for a long time. Sooner or later it will come out and show itself. This truth is people like to be treated as "secret always becomes clear."

(8)"It is easy to see the faults of others, but much more difficult to notice their own flaws" 

A person can show other people's weaknesses, bringing them on public display and scattering like grains in the wind. Own shortcomings will always be hidden from others, but a person plays the role of a cunning player, burying their own maps. It is not right. We must be humble and open. Openness helps to recognize our own mistakes, but modesty will not allow the point to the mistakes of others. The true power of honesty, love and openness.

(9)"We have to keep the body in good condition, otherwise we can not keep the mind strong and clear" 

Health is important for a good and productive life, and we've talked about this. In our society, there is a clear discrepancy between the emotional, spiritual and physical components. The more we neglect our own health, the more negative is the state influences our thoughts. But it is only a start to maintain health, physical body fortress as we notice dramatic changes in our consciousness.

(10)"We become what we think" 

When the mind is pure, joy follows him like a shadow, without leaving any minute. So, what we think, we have a tremendous impact on our being as a whole. This has been proven a million times, and today this wisdom can become the most important postulate.

(11)"Work - this salvation. It allows you to not depend on others " 

Keep your life under control. This means you will be kept under control and your own destiny and own progress. Do not expect mercy from others and do not look for approval. Believe that your life is only in your hands. Do not postpone things for tomorrow and hope that someday magically all will happen itself. 

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11 Quotations From The Buddha That Will Facilitate Your Soul
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