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10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Men

10 things every woman should know about men. Common ideas about how the male brain is designed.

Common ideas about how the male brain is designed, based on studies conducted with the participation of students aged 18 to 22 - the guys who agreed to participate in experiments, to earn extra money. But the brain develops with age, and its features are subject to change. If you want to really understand a man's consciousness, you should take into account these ten facts.

(1)Men also dream of a marriage 

It is believed that women dream to settle down, and men want a life just to have fun, but it's a silly stereotype. After thirty men prefer to focus on how to support his family. Of course, there are those who do not work to build a strong relationship - but this problem can be attributed to genetic predisposition. According to statistics, sixty percent of men do not tend to change and prefer to remain faithful to his wife. They easily provide his wife a happy life.

(2)Men are concerned hierarchy 

An unstable hierarchy is male excitement. Lower testosterone levels and reduced level of aggression helps clear command system - both in the army or at work. This also explains the habit of boys from early childhood to cling to each other - it is necessary to release aggression, and better do it in words than in a fight.

(3)The male brain is also changing during his wife's pregnancy 

The male brain is transformed in order to prepare for parenthood. This behavior is because of hormones and dreaming of becominf a father and decreases testosterone. This helps to act as a father should. Pheromones that emits from the body of a pregnant woman can become a cause of these changes.

(4)A mature male brain 

The course of evolution led to the fact that during the growing, men had to compete, but in later years - to co operate. Therefore, with age, men become calmer and more willing to work for the benefit of society. Testosterone levels naturally decrease with every year of life.

(5)game Daddy 

Fathers play a special way with children - they are more spontaneous, provoking the child to greater activity. This helps the child learn faster and act more confident, prepare for real life. In addition, according to the study, children who are actively educated by fathers are different in the future, a more relaxed sexual life.

(6)Part of the male brain is responsible for the protection of possessions 

Previously part of the men's work was to protect their land. Therefore, this area of the brain is still present in today's men. Women are more prone to possessiveness, men are activated when there is a direct threat to their love life or territory.

(7)Brain of men set to focus on women 

Testosterone is not just a hormone that causes aggressive behavior - it influences the libido. He controls impulsive behavior, which leads to the fact that some men appreciate women automatically - forgetting about them when they disappear from view.

(8)Male brains tend to quickly search for solutions 

According to many studies, women are easier to empathize, but it does not mean that men do not feel anything - just that they tend to try to solve the problem as soon as possible. Learning about someone else's problem, man immediately tries to figure out how to get rid of it, rather than trying to be sympathetic.

(9)Men suffer more from loneliness 

Loneliness has a negative impact on human health, but the men, especially the elderly, are affected most. They are less communicate with others than women, which increases their isolation. Man in stable relationships will be healthier, live longer, and the level of stress hormones will be lower. In addition, it is believed that a man living with a woman is longer able to conceive.

(10)Boys are also emotional like girls 

It is believed that women are  emotional. As a child, it is not so - little boys react brighter and more emotional than girls. Interestingly, adults react strongly - they are just different in control of their feelings. Many men quickly learn to hide their emotions, because it is considered too masculine.

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10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Men
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