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These Happens When You Don't Get Expected Results

These 10 things happens when you don't get expected results. I faced failure and sharing some solution if you want to override this situation.

These Happens When You Don't Get Expected Resulted
These Happens When You Don't Get Expected Resulted

It happens when we try too much for a thing and the result does not come in our favor. This is what happened to me when I tried hard to achieve something but did not get expected result. I will share my story of failure with you with the hope that you will help me. Below are the things than happens when you don't get expected results.

Why I didn't get expected results?

I tried hard on the project that my company gave me and I was about to get large amount as a result. And I was pretty sure that I will complete this task and will get 2,50,000 rupees for successfully completing it. But as you know it did not happen and I didn't get expected result.

What I was about to do with that money?

This is the later thing that I didn't get expected result. But before this I was thinking too much that I am going to do follow things with that amount like:-

  1. Buying a panda (soft toy) for my love.
  2. 3 Jeans for my brother.
  3. 2 Sari for my mom.
  4. Servicing of my bike and car.
  5. Financial help to my parents.
  6. Buying another desktop.

These were the things that I wanted to do if I could get expected results. But it did not happen.

What was my project?

I cannot share in detail because of the policy but I will share the main concept through which you would know what kind of the project that was. I had to send true buyers to a shopping website. And they were 200 in numbers. When I saw the project I thought it is going to be too easy for me but it did not work for me and I could only send 123 real buyers. And the result was I got nothing after the 1 month real hard work.

As per the conditions of the project I will get money only when I send 200 real customers otherwise nothing (abaci ka ghanta). And I got nothing.

Now I want to share what I did actually and what common people like me do when they don't get expected results.

These Happens When You Don't Get Expected Results

Below is the list of 10 things that common people like me does when they don't get expected results.

  1. I lost self confidence.
  2. I cursed god that why don't you help me.
  3. I asked myself that what wrong I have done.
  4. I said and asked myself many times that if I have not done anything wrong for someone that why god does not help me.
  5. Again I went to temple and asked for help to the god.
  6. I became so angry on myself and annoyed with everybody who so ever was near to me.
  7. I started to cut off from my friends.
  8. I started shouting on my family member for very little things.
  9. I did not find any interest in anything.
  10. I asked myself many time that what would I reply to all those people to whom I have committed to but above things for them.
  11. I was afraid of their reaction.

This is what a common man does when someone like me don't get expected results.

Still I am worried and annoyed. I am not happy because I did not get what I want. I am thinking about switching such target oriented jobs.

  • I ask myself many times that could I ever become rich?
  • I want to help my parents and want to fulfill desires and dreams of my brother and other family members.
  • I want to have so much money but with honesty.

I don't know could I ever be able to do that?

If you have ever felt such condition in life than please share your experience with us. Also share what you did to overcome that.

Right now I am doing following things to overcome that failure.

1. I am reading these motivational quotes.(It is helping me.)
2. Watching motivational movies online.
3. Praying to god (Again and again)
4.     I have set some self encouragement picture quotes as my mobile wallpaper.
5.     Reading confidence booster picture quotes.

This somewhere helped me to forget that but it is still in my mind.

If you are reading these post than please help me in finding the solution.

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These Happens When You Don't Get Expected Results
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