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14 Love Quotes To Steal Her Heart And Get A Hug

14 love quotes to steal her heart and get a hug from her. Do you want to impress her by such romantic love sms, messages and sayings.

14 Love Quotes To Steal Her Heart And Get A Hug
14 Love Quotes To Steal Her Heart And Get A Hug

If you want to get a hug from her than use this sweet love quotes and send to her. These romantic love sms are awesomely written and will touch her heart. Through these sweetest love sayings you will ab able to impress her emotionally and she will kiss you and hug you.

Do you want to feel the warmth of her hug?

I think you want! Than what are you waiting for? Just grab one of the cutest love quotes for her and send her on Whtsapp, Pinterest, Facebook or even atTtwitter.

For example :-

  1. Wish her through this love quotes in the morning.
  2. Wish her through this cutest love messages in the night,
  3. Sms her and say that you want a hug from her.
  4. Say her you love her too much.

Enjoy these 14 Love quotes for her to get a hug from her

(1)Oh, U lil grl, U stole my heart. 2 mke it evn, i'll steal a kiss frm U.

(2)You r d inspiration behnd all dat I do, & d source of all that's gud in my life.

(3)Someone up thr must b watching out 4 me, bcoz dey sent Heaven’s most beautiful angel into my life.

(4)Kiss me. Hug me. luv me. d same quantity of dose sweetest thngs i'll return ASAP.

(5)My gratitude 4 havng met U is surpassed only by my amazement @ d joy U bring 2 my life.

(6)When U luv me like dat, I melt into honey. Let’s b sweet 2gether.

(7)Between us is 1 thread: it tied our hearts so V walk close 2 each other alwys.

(8)In my hands is dis heart. I wnt U 2 hav it, bcoz I’m so clumsy, so I’m afraid I’ll lose it or easily give it 2 some1 else.

(9)You r d only air I breathe. U r ticking in my heart like a lil clock. S, U wake me up evry day, whl I fall asleep dreaming of d daz wen I wz alone. No longer am I in such a way.

(10)Two hearts ran 2 d end of d world. dey recognized each other’s eyes @ d final border of d end & infinity. In dat particular moment, dey hugged each other. No 1 dares 2 separate dem.

(11)I luv U wid d breath, d smiles & d tears of all my life.

(12)You beautiful woman of my life, U took it all frm me. I took it all frm U. So 2day, V can blackmail each other.

(13)Can anything b more valuble dan our luv? sinz U r wid me, my only measurement is in heartbeats.

(14)If U dare, take my hand & take me 2 whr UR heart is. I wnt 2 feel wat it’s like 2 luv like U.

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14 Love Quotes To Steal Her Heart And Get A Hug
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