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15 Things Failed People Wants To Hear From You For Success

15 things failed or failure people or students want to hear from you for success. This things will work as motivation and moral boost for them.

15 Things Failed People Wants To Hear From You For Success
15 Things Failed People Wants To Hear From You For Success

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Everybody learns from mistakes and every body does mistakes and learns from it. Sometimes such mistakes occur in life too early and this is the case that happens with many of students. They feel like they are in depression and they want to get over from depression.

We contacted a doctor in our city, who is expert in handling such matter, And we asked what kind of questions people ask to you and what are their problems and what he replied is below.

He said , "Lots of people send me mail and ask some personal questions like :-"

Why am i failing at everything?
I am failed in life.
I am failed in engineering.
I want to increase confidence.
How to get rid of shyness?
I want to be frank but i become shy.
I can not face people.
I feel lack of confidence while talking to people.
I feel like i am in depression.
Nobody helps me.
I want to tell my true story to somebody.
I want to shout and cry loud.
I want to forget my past.
Please help me in fighting my fear.

So we did some research on his answers and found this solutions. Remember i have also failed in my life at various point but my parents did not yell at me but it does not happen with everyone. Normally in that period parents scold and yell upon them rather than encouraging them for next time. So here are 15 things that every body wants to hear specially failed one's so that they can get success in life and move ahead. You just have to say these things to your friends and than see the magic of this motivational lines.

No. 15 Things Failed People Wants To Hear From You
Tell me what activity will make you energized again.
Tell me what is happening with you, I will really understand more what are you feeling right now than you think.
Ok, you dont want to talk about it, I am still happy to be here and tell you about our funny stories of our past to bring smile on your face.
Take your time, Because no one is rushing you to feel better. Take it and feel happy when ever you want.
I am with you always and still here and i am not going anywhere without you.
Feel good even in your small and little victories than the bigger one like you got out of bed early even it takes lot of self control and strong desire.
You are very strong not the weak one.
Some day you may feel worse but remember tomorrow is a new day with lots of new possibilities.
Can i make you a cup of coffee?
I really care about you and i am with you always.
I will come with you every time you need help and support even it is going with you in shopping mall and doing shopping with you.
Just try to do your best because that is more enough.
It's not in your hand whatever that happened, but i trust you and you are surely going to succeed next time.
Being failed is natural.
No one is blaming for you it and don't feel so wrong about it. Try hard and win next time.

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15 Things Failed People Wants To Hear From You For Success
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