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10 Actresses Who Were More Beautiful When They Were Dark

These are 10 most popular actresses who were much beautiful when they were dark and after skin lightning surgery they disappointed us.


Good Night Wishes For ROMANTIC CHAT These 10 celebrities were dusky when they made their entry in Bollywood. And they looked really hot and beautiful in their dusky face, but with the passing of time, these actresses have taken some skin and face whitening surgery and became fair but lost that charm and look that people really loved. So let's take look that used face whitening products and became fair.


She entered into the Bollywood with big brown eyes and dusky skin and looked stunning. But as the time passed she went for skin lightning surgery and now she has lost that charm and jaw dropping hotness that we were fond of her. There were rumors that she has opted skin lightning surgery for fair looking. But she denied it.

(2)Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty is a celebrity who has gone most numbers of surgeries for fair looking and for many others. Well she gives credit to yoga and we have also seen her CDs of yoga. But even she cannot deny that she has taken some skin lightning surgeries to look fair.

(3)Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone was dusky when she was a model and looked more beautiful and sexy but after entering into movie. She took the help of some skin whitening surgery and tried to reduce her melanin. But she lost that boldness that we wanted to see in her. We really miss that dusky face of this actress.

(4)Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka chopra is an international celebrity now and an icon for all dusky girls. But after some projects of Hollywood like 'Quantico' she has transformed herself into white skin. For sure she opted some skin lightning treatment and lost her dusky face.

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(5)Frieda Pinto

Do you remember 'Slumdog Millionaire' girl. Her journey from India to Hollywood is quiet successful like we have seen her in 'Immortals' movie as well. Till than she had dusky face but after some racism that she claims that she faced in Hollywood, She has gone for some laser skin lightning treatment. These are rumors. But how she looks at present? Take a look below.

(6)Chitrangadha singh

Did you watch Desi boys? Then you must have obsessed with her dusky skin and boldness. But suddenly what happened to her that she took melanin surgery to look fairer and she does not look that sexy that she was in past movies. I think she did it for magazine covers.


Rekha is a legendary actress. She was all time favorite of your father.... :-). But with growing age she has also gone for some skin lightning surgery but people miss that dusky face when she entered into Bollywood. No one knows what kind of face whitening product she used to look fairer.


Do you remember that Sridevi of 'Sadma' movie with 'Kamal Hassan'? I really like that dusky face of this legendary actress. But like the Rekha she has also gone fairer with time. Hopefully like others she must have taken whitening treatment for face.

(9)Bipasha Basu

Did you watch that 'Jism' movie of this dusky and bold actress? We all loved that dusky face. But after many successful years in Bollywood she really needed to make some changes and the result was she too gone for whitening face.


Did you watch 'Ghajini' and her other south Indian films of Asin than you would see the difference. She has also taken some face whitening surgery.

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10 Actresses Who Were More Beautiful When They Were Dark
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