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Top 11 " I Really Need Your Hug" Quotes And Messages

Top 11 quotes and sayings that express that" I really need your hug" and convey your message to your partner.

 I Really Need Your Hug
 I Really Need Your Hug

Sometimes a hug does the work that words can not do and sometimes you desperately need a hug but you don't express it. If it happens with you, Than i just need your hug quotes will really help you. Suppose if you want a hug from your girlfriend or boyfriend but you feel shy or afraid of saying this than send this i need your hug sayings to her or him and than see the magic.

Really hugs are magical the moment you hug to the person to whom you love so much it carries away all of your worries and tensions. So you should hug to your lover when you really want a mental peace.

So if you feel shy about sayings this than pick up one of the i need your hug quotation and send it your girlfriend or share it with her.

Top 11 " I Really Need Your Hug" Quotes And Messages

It hurts when you have someone in your heart but you can not have them in your arms.

My favorite place is inside your hug.

The best place in the world is the arms of someone who will not only hold you at your best, but will pick you up and hug you tight at your weakest moment.

I only want 3 things.
See you.
Hug you.
Kiss you.

One look, one word, one hug, one text, one call. They can all mean so much when it is from that special person.

I like hug. The really long hugs, the ones where you just do not want to let go.

Sometimes we just need a hug. A hug where someone wraps their arms around you so tight and reminds you that everything will be okay.

I want a hug, not just a normal hug. One of those tight hugs that take away my breath away. Give me butterflies and makes me smile like crazy.

Sometimes i wish i was an octopus. So i could hug you 8 times as much.

Sometimes a hug is all you need to make you feel better.

Can't decide if i need a hug, an xl coffee, 6 shots of vodka or 2 weeks of sleep.

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Top 11 " I Really Need Your Hug" Quotes And Messages
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