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How I Killed My Hesitation In Facing Rich And Group Of People

I am a shy person and I hesitate in facing rich and group of people. But I learnt how to control it and win over my fear. Learn to increase self confidence. 

How I Killed My Hesitation In Facing Rich And Group Of People
How I Killed My Hesitation In Facing Rich And Group Of People

How to win your fear and hesitation when you face rich people or group of people. This is a common problem of many shy people or say people with lack of confidence. They find difficult to face people. They even start shivering when someone tells them to go to a new place. They think about it for the whole day and become worried. They start finding answers on their own of upcoming questions. They unknowingly create a scene in their mind like "This person will ask me this and that person this" All these go in their mind for the whole day until they go there and that is why they feel unable to free their mind and result is anger and frustration.

This was the case with me. See what happened with me and how I behaved in such conditions.

What I used to do before

One day I had to attend a very rich party where all rich people were about to come and I have to represent my family because my parents were unable to come. Now the day my father told me that morning that “You have to attend this party" I heard that and below things started to happen with me.

  1. I said, I will not go.
  2. Goosebumps in my stomach started.
  3. I was frightened by the imaginary scene and went to washroom.
  4. My blood pressure was low.
  5. I thought everybody will ask question from me and this thing made me so annoying,
  6. Each and every single minute I was continuously thinking about the event.
  7. I thought I am not as wealthy like them and they will not give me any importance and ignore me.
  8. I was worried like how would I answer their questions.

And all above things were making me more frightened and nervous and I could not get over of these thoughts for a long time.

I always found it tough to face lots of people and especially rich people. But things were needed to be changed because it was obstacle in my success and I desperately needed to change it.

So I found my own way to get over my fear and boost up mu confidence. I got victory over my fear and hesitation. Lots of people and my relatives asked me how to increase confidence? This was my achievement actually when question was asked from me. So below I am going to show you smart moves that you can perform if you are going to face group of people and want to get rid of your frustration.

How to kill frustration and win people's heart by increasing self confidence.

Stop thinking first and engage yourself until the time of event. The best would be playing games which demand so much attention like war games or candy crush or clash of titans in your android mobile phone.

Distract your mind from the event. Do not think about anything and tell yourself like I can do it.

Now prepare your items like if you have to go at 8 P.M than make your dresses ready and forget it.

Put your phone in airplane mod while entering the event.

Now find a person to whom you know better and suddenly go to him and wish like good evening.

Keep a smile on your face and talk little bit louder because that will portray you as a confident person.

Now Find another one and greet him forget if he is surrounded by many people. Be confident and act like a hero because when you will greet him between many people he will automatically introduce to other people.

Now get ready for the most common question that they will ask you and that is "Where are your parents? Did they come" Now answer of this question will make you winner and famous. Say “Now I am representing them because I am adult now! Am I?  ”And laugh loud after saying this.

People will think that you are very frank and friendly and bingo you made an image and made an impact on others. Now you will see all of your fear has gone because you already know how to increase self confidence and you will not fill any problems while facing others.

Remember: - Only first appearance is tough if you do it the way I described than you will be shocked to see the changes that you made to yourself.

The only secret to kill your hesitation and win over your fear is act fast. Do not think anything and behave like mature one.

Now if you do not find anyone that is close to you than put your phone on airplane mode and start talking and behave little bit angry, I said just little bit angry. Because this attitude portrays that you are a serious person. So keep talking until your eyes do not find that first person.

You can do this fake talking even when you do not find that your second person. And you will see that you are not feeling hesitated and embarrassed.

Portray yourself like a hero and most overwhelming personality and soon you will see that you are becoming that person that you are showing.

So start behaving like a role model to others and use these tactics like: - Fake cell phone talk, Greeting the most famous person surrounded by many people and finding the first one.

I am using these since from years and now I have no fear of meeting people or going into rich people's party. Now I do not find answers of how to increase confidence, How to avoid frustration, How to get rid of hesitation, How to win over fear, How to be confident and many others like yours.

So start doing my way, I know this sounds little bit crazy but they really work.

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How I Killed My Hesitation In Facing Rich And Group Of People
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