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10 Ways To Break Up With Psycho Boyfriend

10 ways to break up with a psycho or possessive boyfriend. Symptoms of dominating boyfriend and how to avoid him?

Break Up With Psycho Boyfriend
Break Up With Psycho Boyfriend

Does your boyfriend always dominate you? Does he always daunt you every time you talk to other boy? And similarly there would be too many such things in your mind it means that your boyfriend is too much possessive and dominating and you should leave him as fast as you can. I mean you need to break up with him.

How to define a psycho boyfriend or possessive boyfriend?

  • A boyfriend is a psycho when he shouts on you when you talk to his friends.
  • He does not like when you talk to other friends specially when they are male.
  • He does not want you to talk a smarter one who is better than him in look wise and wealth wise.
  • He is insecure about you every time.
  • He does not take you to common and public places.
  • He is afraid of other people because they will notice you.
  • He does not want you to look more beautiful.
  • He dislikes your make up and tells you that do not make up because you will look more beautiful.

These are the very common symptoms that shows you are in a relationship with a wrong guy.

How to avoid and break up with psycho boyfriend

Try to talk less. Make a communication gap between him and you but gradually. Like first day talk to him for only 4 times. Next day reduce it to 2 or 3 times. It has two benefits :- first he will think why are not talking to him and make him realize that did he do any mistake?

Start talking through chatting than voice call. This way it lowers the emotional level of both of you.

If he forces you to talk than tell him that you are with your parents.

Ignore him by saying that you are busy in studies.

Try to ignore him slowly and gradually.

Take a strong stand on your opinion. And try to dominate while chatting.

Attend  his phone after two or three call. Do not attend his call instantly.

Show less interest in him. Try to talk less and give less importance to him.

As we all know that your boyfriend is psycho so do all things mentioned above gradually. It will make him less interested into you and soon you will see that he is also not showing any interest into you. And finally you will get rid of psycho and possessive boyfriend. And your mission of break with psycho boyfriend will get complete.

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10 Ways To Break Up With Psycho Boyfriend
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