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Top 30 Love SMS With Messages For Her (GF/Wife)

Top 30 love sms with messages for your wife or girlfriend. to make space in her heart wish through this quotes to her.

Top 30 Love SMS With Messages For Her (GF/Wife)
Top 30 Love SMS With Messages For Her (GF/Wife)

These are the top 30 love SMS with messages for her if you want to impress your girlfriend or wife then these will be the best option for you. If there has been a   altercation between you and your girlfriend and you want to impress her but she is not getting on the point and she's not agree with whatever you say then you must send this love messages to her. This will indirectly convey your message to her that you still love her and care for her but because of such misunderstanding, we have been far away. Or if there has been an altercation or if you want to increase the bonding between husband and wife are boyfriend or girlfriend then this love SMS will do the job for you. These are the romantic love SMS for her. If you are serious about making your relationship much stronger than ever in full of love, Karizma and romance than use this love sms with messages and enjoy the Love.

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Top 30 Love SMS With Messages For Her (GF/Wife)

I am always nd forever here, loving U into eternity nd beyond.

U lighten my heart, quicken my step, nd make worthwhile all of my days. U are my soul.

Let me treat U like a queen, lavishing upon U words of love nd affection, buying U the rarest of jewels, nd driving U in a shining carriage.

U are my friend, lover, soulmate, nd queen. U satisfy every desire of my heart.

Reach out Ur hnd nd hold mine. I will lead U to safety, love, nd passion.

Who needs the fairy tale of Prince Charming whn U have Prince Good Looking right here?

I look in Ur eyes nd I see the best of all of me. U hold onto the memories of the past nd the hopes of the future. It is in these eyes I want to gaze all day long.

Love is knowing tht U are perfect for me in every way, even in Ur imperfections.

Let me hold Ur hnd, just one more day. Let me caress Ur cheek nd lay my arm around Ur waist. All the days we have 2gether, let’s spend it as close as possible.

U are my everything.

Loving a woman like U brings my life to fulfillment. U are everything I have ever dreamed of nd prayed for. U are a precious blessing.

I love U. Sometimes, I wonder if I say it too much nd overwhelm U with my feelings. Other times, I worry I am not saying it enough nd U may think my love has faded. I don’t know which is right, so I pray to lnd in the middle nd let U know the simple truth. U are loved nd free.

Loving U is a mission God has put me on for a lifetime. There have been bumps nd changes along our route, bt the journey itself is beautiful.

Before U, I didn’t know what true love could be. I now know its beauty nd its depth. Loving U gives meaning to my days.

I want U to know U are valued, respected, nd free to be Urself. This is how I show U my love.

Love is knowing tht no matter what circumstances come our way, we will endure them 2gether.

Without U, I wud be single.

Our time 2gether has been, is, nd will always be full of unbelievable memories. Good memories = great love!

Just as the sun rises every morning, so does my love for U continue into eternity.


Without U, I wud be single.

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Top 30 Love SMS With Messages For Her (GF/Wife)
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