Thursday, 16 July 2015

Which Role To Play? Husband Or Son?

I am confused about what to do and which role to play son or husband?

Which Role To Play? Husband Or Son?
Which Role To Play? Husband Or Son?

This case happens with many of us. Today i am sharing a moment of my life where i am confused and want help from you. I do online job and blogging both. Handling business with job. But today i am in dilemma because now i am confused about what to do and which role to play? Role of a son or role of a husband.

What is the case?

When i got married i used to focus on my job and completing all of my targets given to me. And when i met my girl who is my wife today i told her that i will work in other city from career point of view and will not live in my hometown. So she started dreaming of that and she bought all the utilities that will be in use if we stayed out of the town after the marriage. And now after the 6 months of my marriage i used to complete all of my targets from my hometown and also my online business. My wife used to be a great help for my mother. Now we are only 5 members in my family and my younger brother has taken admission in another town where he will have to go for higher studies and if we both go as well than my parents will be alone.

Why i am sad?

Both my mother father are in job and my mother becomes so tired when she returns from her job. Now my wife plays a role. She cooks food for all of us and gives great help to my mother. Now when  we all would have gone than there will be only my mother and father and they will be alone. How my mother will cook food for all of them because at the evening my grandfather and grandmother also comes to my home and they take their dinner with us. Now when we all would have gone my mother will have to handle all the things. And i know from physical point of view she perhaps could not do it and even if she does she will become so tired.

My situation

I had to go at other place because i am committed and it will also be good for my wife as she wants to do job which is not  possible in my hometown.

Now what to do ? Should i go with my wife or stay at my hometown and enjoy the family togetherness.

It is becoming too much tough for me. I am unable to take my decision.

I am sad and in dilemma which role to play? Son or husband.

Serve my parents or go to another town for progress.

Please help me.!!

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Which Role To Play? Husband Or Son?
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