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Top 5 Health Apps That Monitor Your Health Through Mobile

Top 5 Health apps that monitor your health through mobile like healthifyme, runkeeper, pedometer, waterlogged and sleep to keep you fit and healthy lifestyle.

Top 5 Health Apps That Monitor Your Health Through Mobile
Top 5 Health Apps That Monitor Your Health Through Mobile

If you want that you should have complete information about your health and fitness than you should take the help of the health apps. Download these health apps in your android Smartphone and keep updated with your health.

A healthy body is necessary for happiness in life. Many people talk about healthy life but rarely know and are unaware of healthy lifestyle. You can know more about your health with the help of these health apps. So let’s know more about these health apps that you can install in your Smartphone and monitor your health and improve it with the help of this mobile applications.


Healthifyme is an interesting app. This app will inspire you for healthier lifestyle through simple and creative ways. This app gives you tips to monitor your lifestyle with diets, Exercise and weight. For example in calorie tracker you can monitor and track calories related with Indian dishes. The best quality of this app is you can take advice from expert related to health issues. It has diet consultant, nutrition expert and many others which track your fitness and guide you for healthier lifestyle.


Running is considered as best exercise to stay fit. If you are a runner than Runkeeper can be very beneficial for you. This app helps you to track your running experience. With the help of this app you can monitor how much calorie you burnt, how longer you ran and what distance you covered. This app can figure out when did you start your workout and when finish it. You can get all these details in minutes. This will be awesome to have a healthy lifestyle.


Walking is best physical activity. It can be added in daily life style. You can charismatic improvement in your health if you walk 10000 steps in a day. You can monitor your steps with the help of pedometer. If you are walking less than your desired results than you can improve it. For example you can walk instead of using life to complete your target of day. It is best to keep you healthy and fit.

Waterlogged and water your body

We all know how water is compulsory to have a fit and healthy body. But 9 out of 10 people forget to take enough water that body demands. This APP will tell you how much water you need according to your height and lifestyle. Now iPhone users can do this easily with the help of this waterlogged app. Android users can use water your body app to track the same results and get the benefit of this mobile app.

Sleep as and sleep cycle alarm

With the help of this mobile app you can track your sleep. It is the best mobile app to track sleeping. This app can monitor your sleeping disorders. The best quality of this app is it can make you wake up without disturbing your eye movement sleep at right time.  Iphone users can use sleep cycle alarm app for the same results and benefits so that you get a good sleep and also wake up at right time.

So these are the best health related apps that can keep you healthy and fit. You must use this to maintain healthy lifestyle.

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Top 5 Health Apps That Monitor Your Health Through Mobile
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