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How to Make Creative Resume For 100% Job Guarantee

How to make creative resume so that you get 100% job interview call. Follow this types of resume formats for guaranteed job.

How to Make Creative Resume For 100% Job Guarantee
How to Make Creative Resume For 100% Job Guarantee

Have you been irritated because of updating your resume for a new job? I am sure you don't like to update your resume for always.  Does your only one resume does not justify and show with your qualities and personality. Resume is only a medium to get an interview call.  So let’s check out how to make your resume more creative so that it describes your profile in a very efficient way and you get selected for interview.

Resume is the first step in getting a job you must represent your effective and creative resume in such a way that it attracts the reader's mind and you surely get an interview call. If you want a perfect job then your resume should be perfect. There are lots of ways to create the resume you must make your resume according to the employer and the work culture of the company.


Why so special: - because with the help of Infographic you can represent yourself a more creative person.

Use infographics or any visual format to show your achievement. Represent work history through the graph, Charts and images. Take the help of picture to show the timeline and show experience project and skills. Show all the information in this format that you show in traditional resume. The main objective of such resume is to show your data and information in visual format so your resume will look something different from the others.

Why not and when to use: - many employees choose resumes through the applicant tracking system and this system sometimes cannot understand such types of resume.  If you are an artist, marketing personal or visual artist than choose this type of resume.


Why so special: - Because anyone can download your resume according to their comfort.

Resume which is shared by blog, personal website or social media is called online or social resume. You get various opportunities to represent yourself in such type of resumes. You can represent yourself in better way through the use of video, picture and infographics. You can also give an option to download the standard resume to other people. But one thing that you have to notice in such type of resume is visual design. How to adjust the elements of your resume on the web page it is also mandatory. Take the advice of colleagues before applying online resume. Regularly visit your resume and keep it updated.


Why so special:-  you can show your communication skill through the medium of video resume to the recruiter. Through the medium of video resume you can represent yourself in a very special way. It shows a positive impact on the viewer. Your video resume should not be more than 2 minutes and not less than 30 seconds. You should speak in the same way that you will speak in front of the interview panel. You must represent your experience and qualification in every qualitative way. First thing that you need to monitor is your dressing, lighting and impact. You can also take the advice of any video expert. You can also include images, infographic, slides and background music in your video resume. You must watch some formats of video resume online before applying and making your own video resume through this you will get an idea how to make a video resume.


Why so special:- There are many professionals who are connected with LinkedIn so you must ready your resume at LinkedIn as well.

LinkedIn resume is a special case of traditional resume. Many people have their own LinkedIn profile and the entire world look after that. Through the help of LinkedIn you can convert your profile into a very special resume. And this is called LinkedIn resume. The benefit of the LinkedIn resume is you don't have to worry about the structure and the format of resume. You can also download your resume after making it ready and can share the PDF version of the LinkedIn resume with employer. You can represent your skills, keywords and career objective through the summary of paragraph. Use chronological format in experience Section.

Formats of resume

  1. Chronological 
  2. Functional
  3. Combination 


You must represent your work and education history in reverse order. Remember always represent your latest things above then all so that reader can focus easily on available things. If your career is running well without any gape then you must use chronological format for getting an interview call.


If there are many breaks in your career are you have changed the direction of your career are you are in a different field then you must focus on skills and experience than the timeline. You must use date in job history below the header of skill.


Combination format represents the information in the form of work experience. It works in a way to represent your profile in a better way. Either you can adjust your jobs in chronological format or you must separate it in skills. You can make a list of skills in the summary and then can represent the entire resume.

When you get a job?

The chances of getting a job are higher when you have made a detailed research on job and employer. You must ready your resume according to the job. Resume always should be accurate. You must only represent those skills and education which are appropriate for the job profile.

Focus on design 

you are making your resume ready for any creative job then you must especially focus on the design of your resume. The font of resume, font size presentation and layout should also be monitored. A Reader should feel that you are a creative person after reading your resume.

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How to Make Creative Resume For 100% Job Guarantee
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