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20-20-20 Secret Success Formula For Positive Changes In Life

Robin Sharma's secret success formula for positive changes in life and to get prosperous and wealth for a successful and balanced life.

success formula for life
success formula for life

If you want to be fit than you must take inspiration from the formula of robin Sharma. Robin Sharma is the person who belongs to India and gives his lessons all around the world on leadership and life management. He says that "one that can be measured can be improved as well". So we will try to figure out what is success formula of him to bring positive changes in your life.

Robin Sharma is the best selling author and his famous books are "the monk who sold his Ferrari" and "who will cry on your death". He has the ability to change people's life by small things and for this purpose he gives us a special and secret success formula which he calls 20-20-20 formula.

But only those persons can get success from his formula who will become the member of the zam club. Here 20 means minutes not the number and when 3 twenty meets it becomes 60 minutes means 1 hour.

Robin says that if you consistently focus on this formula for 2 months than you can bring positive and unbelievable changes in your life along with health. And you will surely get success in your life for sure.

Investment in self will be the best investment which you can do ever. This will not only change your life but also the people around you.

This secret success formula started by robin Sharma by using the #thezamclub on twitter. Robin shared this formula on 13th October 2014 with the world. He added success and health altogether and made a new thought that we should start our day earlier.

Increase personal fitness with professional productivity. Robins says that any changes that we make seems toughest at beginning, ridiculous in middle and best in the end.

So lets find out what is that success formula and what are the rules to get entry in this club?

Wake up early at 5 o'clock

This is a very simple formula that anyone can understand and do that if you wake up early than you will become "early bird" and you will get more time to complete the work than those people who sleeps for longer period of time. Waking up at 5 o'clock everyday will make you healthy and also balance your daily routine. Primary step towards success in life.

२0 minute exercise

Give 20 minutes to exercise. It is the first part of 20-20-20 formula. Scientific survey shows that if you daily exercise for 20 to 45 minutes than your health will be 50% more better than others and chances are higher for success in any work that you do. First step for success in life.

२0 minute target meditation

After exercise spend 20 minutes on your target, Planning and to give right direction to your thought to complete your dreams. Be positive and go ahead by learning from your mistakes. This is a meditation of powering up the secret powers of your subconscious mind but do not add selfishness and emotion of revenge in this meditation. Second step for success in life.

२0 minute learning

Give your last 20 minutes to learn something new. You can do this learning through simple ways like:-going near to nature,by playing with children,by music or being busy with your hobby. You can even learn something new by helping someone. You can look your life by new and different angle. Third step for success in life.

Do this for 66 days

Follow this formula for 66 days regularly. Try not to miss a day. It is scientifically proved that if you want to make something your habit than you must do it for at least 45 days to be accepted bu your mind and heart. In 66 days your body clock will also be accepted.

Share your experience

Smallest work is always way better than great intention. If you followed this 20-20-20 formula for 66 days and you really got charismatic results than share this with others as well.

The writer says that if you follow this formula for 2 months than you will become ready to bring positive changes in your life and health. Such investment in self will be beneficial for self and also for others. So you have become eligible candidate for getting success in life.

So do it and share with others. Thank you. Spread love and get enormous success in your life. Bestofshayari wishes you for that.

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20-20-20 Secret Success Formula For Positive Changes In Life
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