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History Of April Fools Day With 10 Quotes And 7 Shayari

History of april fools day with hindi, english quotes and shayari. Read to know why we celebrate april fools day.

History Of April Fools Day With Quotes And Shayari
History Of April Fools Day With Quotes And Shayari

Since the 19th century April fool day is celebrated in several countries such as Canada, Australia, Brazil, Europe, united states by playing harmless pranks on friends, relatives, colleagues are neighbors. Though 1st of April every year is not a national holiday, people remain enthusiastic in making the day memorable to the hilarious activities and pranks. In India mostly it is children who plays pranks specially in school as they draw closer to the end of their academic sessions . 

How these countries celebrate april fools day

Various countries this day is celebrated in very unique way such as 
originally an important letter was given to the victim to deliver it to someone in particular, on receiving the same the recipient would then suggest sending it over to someone else in turn and this change would stop only when the victim realized that he was the fool of the day.


Various hoaxes are prepared by people and to make it a fun filled day even the media tend to co-operate it could be the break of a scary news or something strange that has never been heard of . 


Norwegians and Swedish celebrate this day every year. The newspaper media publishers 1 false story on the first page after the top headlines . 

United kingdom 

the joke is revealed by shouting April fool at the target or victim of the prank.

Legendary April Fools Day Quotes

A fool sees not the same tree as the wise man sees 
 --William black 

Don't approach a got from the front, a horse from the side and a fool from any site Jewish ------ ---proverb 

The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.
--Sir Winston Churchill 

Wise men don't need advice, fools won't take it 
--Benjamin Franklin 

What a fool does in the end, the wise do in the beginning. 
--Spanish proverbs 

The haste of fools is the slowest thing in the world.
 --Thomas shad well 

None but a fool is always right. 

A fool may have embroidery his coat with gold but it still remains a fool coat.

April Fools day shayari

सिने में दिल,
दिल मे दर्द,
दर्द मे यक़ीन,
यक़ीन में ख़याल,
ख़याल में ख्वाब,
ख्वाब में तस्वीर
तस्वीर में सिर्फ़ आप!
इतना डरावना ख़्वाब?
बाप रे बाप..

जब तुम आईने के पास जाते हो,
तो आईना कहता है ब्यूटिफुल ब्यूटिफुल,
जब तुम आईने से डोर जाते हो,
तो आईना कहता है एप्रिल फूल! एप्रिल फूल.

खुश तो बोहुत होगे तुम,
बात ही कुछ ऐसी है,
1स्ट्रीट एप्रिल जो हो रही है,
दिल में गुदगुदी सी हो रही होगी,
और क्यूँ ना हो….?
साल में एक ही तो दिन आता है जो
होता है सिर्फ़ तुम्हारे नाम…
हॅपी अप्रेल फूल दे
ऑल फूल, अप्रेल फूल....

फूल ने
फूलों की
फूलवारी मैं
फूल के साथ विश किया है
उ र थे मोस्ट
Beauty फूल
 Among ऑल फूल’स
हप्पी अप्रेल फूल’स डे

गुलाब का फूल बागो में खिल रहा है; चमेली का फूल चमन में महक रहा है; कमल का फूल पानी में तैर रहा है; और अप्रेल फूल मेरा मैसेज पढ़ रहा है। -

इन हसीनो से रस्में वफ़ा ओर दिल लगाना सरासर भूल है जिस दिन ये इकरार करे मोहब्बत का, समझ लेना उस दिन एप्रिल फूल हैं 

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History Of April Fools Day With 10 Quotes And 7 Shayari
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