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10 Reasons Why Indian Bloggers Get Low Adsense CPC

10 Reasons why Indian blogger always gets low cpc from Google adsense. The real and practical truth.

10 Reasons Why Indian Bloggers Get Low Adsense CPC
10 Reasons Why Indian Bloggers Get Low Adsense CPC

Many publishers always complain that they are not getting high CPC from Google adsense and leave the blogging. But Google adsense is not responsible for their low cpc but the people and their content is responsible for that.

People of India mostly write on entertainment related topic that is already a low cpc topic. So how can they expect high cpc from Google adsense. There are many topics which are high cpc in nature but it is impossible for a casual blogger to rank for such keywords that pays high cpc. Only a serious and consistent blogger can rank for such keyword with Proper seo affords. Now seo has another conditions. You need to work on white hate seo and not on the black hat seo.

But people keep working on copy paste stuff and create spammy backlinks and result is they do not hat search engine traffic or say organic traffic and the result is low cpc again. Few more reasons of not getting high cpc is poor English and conversion optimization. So below we have covered top 10 reasons that explains why Indian blogger get very low cpc.

10 Reasons Why Indian Bloggers Get Low Adsense CPC

Mostly bloggers write on Indian topic like dating, shayari,relationship and remaining on bollywood, sms and jokes Now there are not any company associated with sms and jokes who can pay you at least 50 cent for one click. .

Poor content quality. Many people do not write article in grammatically correct English and fails to get search engine traffic. .

Referral traffic and no more search engine traffic or say organic traffic. You get original CPC only when someone lands on your website with same keyword from search engine. .

Another reason is people of India still do not believe in online shopping they have some security issues and they are very concerned for it and this is why many companies do not invest large amount of money for online business. .

Another reason is many companies say that people of India do not convert into customers. But people from USA and UK conert into customers that is why they get high cpc from Google adsense compared to Indians. .

Conversion optimization is very low compared to other countries that is why CPC is too low. .

Dumb topics which do not sell anything. Suppose you are talking about sms than think what kind of product a SMS topic can have. Except a book nothing else. That is why CPC is low for India. .

Spammers do nothing new and just copy paste the other's stuff and the result is they do not get search engine traffic but somehow they get referral traffic and do not get high CPC from Google adsense. .

Not ranking for a keyword. People write anything about a keyword because they know they can not rank for a high cpc keyword and than cry that they are not getting high CPC.

Indian use poor English and write on entertainment mostly which is already a low CPC topic. Another reason is they do not take blogging seriously. That is why they fail to work consistently and the result is low CPC from advertisers and Google adsense. .

So these are all the main pratical and real reasons why indians get low cpc from google adsense and do not make money online compared to other countries people like USA and UK.

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10 Reasons Why Indian Bloggers Get Low Adsense CPC
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