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21 Photos That Express True Emotions When You See A Missing Person

21 Heart touching photos that express true emotions when you see a missing person again in your life.

21 Photos That Express True Emotions When You See A Missing Person
21 Photos That Express True Emotions When You See A Missing Person

  • What do you feel and how do you react when you see your husband after a long time?
  • What happens when you meet your girlfriend after a very long time?
  • How does a mother feel when she sees her son after a very long time?
  • How does a father feel when he deadly desires to see her son and finally his son appears in front of him after a very long period of time?

So this are all the emotions that takes place whenever we see our most loving person after a very long period of time.

How my wife will react when i will go to my home...

I am staying away from my wife because of some family issues and personal issues. Did you ever imagine how i and she are dying to meet each other. I know one thing that whenever i will go to my home place she will cry after looking me because of happiness. That is called the tears of happiness (Khushi ke aansoo) and i will also become emotional when i will look her. Well this is my story and i feel exited of imaging that day.

Similarly like me many people have their own story of describing happiness. And today we are going to show you that happiness and those moments of emotions that will make you remind that someone somewhere is still waiting for you.

Not in terms of girlfriend but that person can be your mother, father, brother,sister and friend as well.

So enjoy those beautiful emotions and recall that beautiful memory of meeting.

And most importantly feel that happiness and emotions that you will feel in yourself when you will see a missing person or say the person to whom you love so much and will see her after many days.

This post is specially for students who stay away from their families and miss their families deadly. So when you will see such photos you will get mesmerized and will be very happy and feel exited.

My trip to kota when i was young

Many engineering and medical students stay away from their families and miss them a lot. Take an example of kota which is famous for iit preparation. When i went to kota i cried so much and every day i remembered my family. So this post is for such people like me who miss their family. So be relaxed and calm down because you are going to see happiness and you will work hard for your future to get success and regain happiness in your life.

  • This photos will somewhere make you exited for working hard. 
  • This will give you inspiration to work for others.
  • This will make you more caring.
  • And most importantly it will again feel your heart with love and care.

So enjoy this beautiful and emotional photos that express true emotions of your heart.

Emotions of a wife for his husband

Here are some emotional photos that shows love of wife for her husband. Females are very sensitive and emotional than the males. And this photos proves that. If they love someone they do it from the bottom of their heart no matter however the circumstances are.

Wife kissing his husband and giving love to him when he is in bad condition

Emotions of a army wife when his husband returns home from the battle field

A million dollar hug

Husband sacrificed his life for the nation and wife too

Wife do want to be away from his husband

Emotions of Mother and father

When we talk about true love then nothing can be pure than the love of parents. And below photos shows that how deep your parents love you. You will definitely call your mother and father after seeing this photos.

Love of mother for his son

Emotions of father on success of his son

Father gets emotional after the birth of their son

Father hugs to his son

Love of mother father for newly born baby

Son cries for his parents

Emotions of Success to give you inspiration 

  • This photos teaches us many lessons.
  • Work hard and for sure you will get success.
  • A real man only cries after the success.
  • A man should cry only because he got success.
  • Tears are made by the god to show only one expression and that is show the happiness of success.

Tears of happiness(Yuvraj singh after winning world cup)

Son becomes winner in front of his father. Great moment for his father

Last goal accomplished perhaps that legendary tennis player is thinking the same and cries for it

Son hits goal and mother becomes happy for his son

Moments of glory and success and river of tears

Yes...We did it we won the game. The final joy

Emotions of family over the success of their son and daughter in competition

Ahha... I love this photos because..

  • It gives me inspiration to work hard even after the failure.
  • I know when i get success it makes my parents happy and proud on me.
  • I want a loving a nd true hug which is filled with love and proud from my mother.
  • One day my father should say that i am proud on you.

I think father says "I am proud on you my son"

Mother feeding her daughter for success in exams and look at the happiness on her father's face

I love you my son made me proud

Family members are exited and damn happy for son's success

My dear son.. i love you

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21 Photos That Express True Emotions When You See A Missing Person
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