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18 Lies Every Boyfriend Tells To Her Girlfriend (18 Photos)

18 Lies every boyfriend tells to her girlfriend. We are showing with images and photos. So check out what are the lies that a boyfriend always says to her partner.

18 Lies Every Boyfriend Tells To Her Girlfriend (18 Photos)
18 Lies Every Boyfriend Tells To Her Girlfriend (18 Photos)

Every girl like compliment and she does whatever it takes to strength her relationship and always try to impress her partner with their looks, style or dress up. girls Always expecting with their partner that they compliment her that how they are looking and their partner give them best compliment...all time but do you know the fact that many boyfriend always lies about girl's compliments and today we are going to tell you that what are those lies.

You will be shocked to read this that how many times your partner has lied you. This is based on survey. It does not mean that every boyfriend lies but the fact is may boyfriend lies.

But Why Do They Lie? Want to Know?

But do not ignore the fact that they do not want to make you sad that is the reason they lie to you even something irritates them. So you should respect your boyfriend also.

The question is that their partner give them a lies complement to save themselves girls beware of this lies compliment...

1) Baby you looking slim in this black dress...

2) I remember all the dates ....your birthday our anniversary.

3) I am missing u alot baby during my whole trip..

4) I love the meal that you made for me everyday.

5)I Love to do shopping with you whatever you brought for me. i like.

6) I'm not staring any other girl rather than you.

7) you're so beautiful girl in the world.

8) I love to watching romantic movie with you.

9) I am not smoke or drink baby....ever.

10) I Love to spent a time with you not my friends.

11) I can not call you because i do not have signal right now.

12)I really tried to call you.

13)I only drank 1 glass of beer.

14)I am in traffic so can not receive your call.

15)I always love you even if you do not shave your legs.

16)I will never lie to you.

17)I like to spend time with your mother also.

18)I love you only do not even think about any other women.

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18 Lies Every Boyfriend Tells To Her Girlfriend (18 Photos)
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