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Should I Get A Divorce? Reasons, Solutions,Questionnaire and Tests

Should I get a divorce? What are the reasons of divorce?questionnaire, tests,quiz and possible solution of problems of husband/wife or between him/her.

Should I get a divorce? A question that commonly appears in your mind when your relationship with your wife or husband is not going the way you wished or want. And you think about getting separated. But there are many things that you must think before focusing on this question. Is it really needed? Are you really not happy with your wife or husband?  In this post we will discuss everything that will make you think twice before taking such decision that can make your life happier and even ruin too.

Ask yourself what are the reasons of divorce

First thing that you need to do is ask yourself what are the reasons of taking divorce? Did you take this decision after a verbal fight with your wife/husband? If this is matter than come on it happens with every relationship. It is not such an issue that enforces you to take divorce. There are many issues, first see what is making you to think about divorce.

  • Fight with wife/husband
  • Your partner is cheating on you
  • Your partner is not caring
  • Wife is pregnant
  • Infidelity
  • Your partner having an emotional affair with someone else
  • Your partner does not support you
  • Your partner is after your money
  • Marriage for benefits
  • Financially weak

This are the things that you need to think before appealing for divorce

Here we have questionnaire or tests to see if you really thin "should I get a divorce". If you think all the cases are with you than go for it and appeal for divorce and if not than try to sustain your relationship and make it happier and forever.

  • If He/she always fights with you
  • If He/she having an affair
  • If He/she does not care about you anymore
  • If He/she is pregnant or facing infidelity problems
  • If He/she has feeling for someone else than you
  • If He/she just married for the sack of money
  • If He/she does not care your children
  • If He/she does not talk to you
  • If He/she married you for benefits
  • If He/she is financially weak 
  • If He/she does not make physical relationship with you
  • If He/she is physically weak
  • If He/she has an addiction to gambling, shopping or something else that is hazardous to family and health.
  • If He/she fights more than laugh.
  • If He/she does not look after your children
  • If he/she lives in another country
  • If he/she does not want divorce

If you think that all the answers are right about "should I get a divorce questionnaire" than you definitely need to contact a divorce lawyer and appeal for divorce. And if in this "should I get a divorce test", you think that half of the answers are false than you need help of marriage counselor.

The answer and choice is yours that should you get a divorce lawyer or not. But if you have children than rethink before appealing for divorce.

Solutions for "should I get a divorce"

Here we have all the solutions of all the problems that made you think for getting a divorce.

If he/she fights with you

Fighting happens in every relationship. When thoughts are not same than possible you will discuss and later it converts into fight. So if you want to save your marriage than sacrifice. Calmly explain to your partner and come to a final result whenever you discuss. Rather than shouting the entire time take a deep breath and control your anger and then, when you are relaxed, come to a result. Make your partner understand that we should solve problems calmly. And when both of you are calm and composed than there will be no fight. But someone has to start so be the one to save your marriage and relationship.

If he/she having an affair

If this is the matter than think why he needed another relationship. There is something that you could not give her. It can be physical relationship, emotional support or something else. So first figure it out what is lacking in you. And then consult your partner and make him/her realize that it will not be good for relationship.  And if you somewhere find the loophole than fill it.

If he/she does not care about you

Do you really care about him/her? It happens in relationship when husband does not care about his wife than the same reaction comes from wife as well. And the simple solution is take care and get cared.

If He/she is pregnant or facing infidelity problems

If you want a divorce just because of infidelity than it is not good thing that you are doing. She has no mistake in it, it is god's will. Apart from spoiling this relationship you can adopt a baby. So think before saying like "should I get a divorce".

If He/she married for the sack of money

If this is the matter than it is clear that your partner has no feelings for you. And I think when there is no emotion in relationship than you should go for divorce.

If He/she does not care your children

Why he/ she do not care about children? Find it out first? Talk to her and try to figure out what are the reasons? And when you get answers than find out solution rather than directly coming to point that should I get a divorce from wife.

Bad habits

If he is addicted to something that is not good for health and family than make him realizes the importance of family. Show him good things and when the weight-age of good things will be high on his mind he will be on the side of good things. Make him busy in what he likes. Give your partner time. Make him happy so that he does go that way again. Go for a picnic. Make him away from bad things and doctors say if you can control anything for 21 days than you will permanently leave that things or habit. So do it for 21 days.

No physical relationship

Are you thinking about taking a divorce just because of not having physical relationship? Than rather than taking divorce find out why you are not having physical relation with your wife/husband. What is the problem? Do you not support in making love but why do you not support? Make him clear. Do not be quiet and ask him/her what is the problem but first ask yourself? Men have also desire like females. Both should respect each other and consult to each other. This is very personal issue. Ask and solve it. And there is no need of taking divorce for this matter.

Physically weak

If he or she is physically weak than eat some nutrient food this is the proper solution of this problem not divorce. Go in gyms and work hard. Eat some fruits and be strong that it. Who told you to think for "should I get a divorce"

Financially weak

If you partner is financially weak than there are some solutions like tell him to try for a new job and work hard for it. Sometime earning money is by luck so you cannot do much about it but there are many people who worked hard and changed their destiny. Same thing your partner can also do. So motivate him and encourage him not demotivate him. Show him some inspirational movies. Daily send him some inspirational quotes. These are the things that you can do to save your marriage.

Should I get a divorce if he/she lives in another country?

The best possible solution is asking her if she can come in same country where you live. Do some homework for him. Find jobs for him on internet. Submit his resumes and make him understand that long distance relationship will not work always. It is a simple thing and you are capable of turning it into your favor. So do this and save your marriage than taking a divorce.

So this is all the reasons, solutions, questionnaire, tests and possible outcomes of "should I get a divorce". I hope your thinking would have changed after this and you will try to save your marriage now.

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Should I Get A Divorce? Reasons, Solutions,Questionnaire and Tests
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