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21 Funny Facebook Facts About Girl and Boy SMS,Messages

21 Funny Facebook facts to make you laugh about boy and girl to bring smile on your loving face. Facebook jokes, sms and messages.

21 Facebook Facts About Girl and Boy
21 Facebook Facts About Girl and Boy 

Have you read this jokes on Facebook. This are very funny like even your mommy will like it as well. 21 Best and top jokes specially written for Facebook.

You have seen many jokes on boyfriend and girlfriend but you may not have seen jokes on Facebook. Facebook is a place where people share jokes but today we are sharing jokes written for Facebook. Here people  making fun of Facebook. This are worth share-able. These are very funny and few of the jokes based on the conversation between son and parents. You will definitely like it. 

You can send this funny Facebook jokes and sms to anyone even to your girlfriend/boyfriend  to bring smile on their face and to insert a feeling of love between hearts. It will be very effective and emotional if you send this Facebook jokes to that person who uses Facebook wildly. Than he will be very happy to read such beautiful Facebook sms and messages.

Funny Facebook facts

Attitude of today's generation--they love facebook but they hate to face the book

Father- do you study everyday? Son- yes Father- which book do you read Son- facebook .

Santa- what is the similarity between facebook and jail? banta- in both cases-- people sit, waste their valuable time and write on walls. .

Santa- what is the similarity between facebook and fridge. banta- owner knows well that-nothing in it, but they open it many times daily. .

Life is muck like a facebook, people will like your probelms and comment on it. but no one's goona solve the probelam. because everybody seems so busy in updating their own. .

A true fact-- girls feels very beautiful herself by watching pending friend requests on facebook. .

Chatting on facebook Boy-- i see your photo. now you look so nice and so beautiful as flower as in your skin. what do you use for this? Girl-- Adobe photoshop CS5 (A software who can increase quality of any photo) .

FACEBOOK FACTS When a girl accepts your friend request-- It means she accepted your friend request, not your proposal. When a girl sends you a friendship request--- It means she wants to be your friend, not your girlfriend When a girl tag you--- It means she wantsto share her thoughts with you, not that she's lost in your thoughts. When a girl comments on your status-- It means she's just being social, not flirting. When a girl like our comment--- It means she like your comment , not you. .

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21 Funny Facebook Facts About Girl and Boy SMS,Messages
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