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This Will Be 9 Headlines In 2050 ( Extremely Funny )

9 headlines of 2050. This will be 9 top pranks in 2050. With increasing inlfation and ever green going on series with prediction will convince you for this funny headlines.

This Will Be 9 Headlines In 2050 ( Extremely Funny )
This Will Be 9 Headlines In 2050 ( Extremely Funny )
We all know about rajnikant. he is the most famous star in bollywood and we also know about golmaal movie where we saw tushaar kapoor doing pranks with his mute comedy. Along with saif and kareena marrige also became most famous in 2014. So we created this funny stuff making all together and created funny headlines of 2050.

As we know germany won fifa world cup and we indian could not even qualify the fifa world cup so we made a prank on it. The most television show in indian television industry is C.I.D so we made it funny. Like how it will be in 2050. With the increasing inflation we know petrol prices are on hike. So we created funny stuff out of it. And many more, You will be completely convinced with this extreme funny stuff and laugh a loud. So enjoy this top 50 headlines of 2050 and bring smile on your friends faces and on you as well.

Top 50 Headlines Of 2050

1. Rajnikant in DHOOM 22

2. Golmaal-15 ready 4 release.

3. Shahid, Saif attended Kareena's 8th

4. Petrol-984 rs/litre.

5. Shahrukh khan's daughter becomes a heroine with Amitabh Bachhan in a luv story titled: Cheeni  

6. CID completed 10,00,000 episodes.

7. Nokia launches new phone..with facilities like..20 sim card,500 gb in built memory,camera,music        player,TV,fridge & washing machine in phone.

8. Ram gopal varma's phoonk-23 again failed at box office.

9. India beat brazil in fifa world cup. Any More Headlines To Expect? Comment Now!!

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This Will Be 9 Headlines In 2050 ( Extremely Funny )
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