Saturday, 2 May 2015

7 Best Bachelors SMS Messages Shows They Are Better Than Married

Bachelors are better than married. This proves this 7 sms and messages. This are best and in favor of bachelors and college going youngsters.

Why bachelors are better than married and what makes bachelors better and best than the married one's. This 7 sms and messages will prove that bachelors are always considered best than married and evem married people miss that life.

Why everyone in today's world want to get married late. Because they love their bachelor life. And this sms and messages will prove that everyone miss bachelor life and what are the factors that makes bachelors better than married.

This post is dedicated to teenagers and youngsters who studies in college and enjoying their bachelor life and do not want to marry early instead of this they want to enjot their bachelor and single life without any tension.

So enjoy this beautiful and best bachelors sms and messages.

7 Best Bachelors sms and messages

1. By persistently remaining single a man converts himself in2 a permanent public temptation.

2. A bachelor is a guy who nevr made the sme mistake once.

3. A bachelor has 2 hve inspiration for making love 2 a woman, a married man needs only an excuse.

4. Loving an old bachelor is always a no-win situation, nd U come 2 terms with tht early on, or U go away.

5. A bachelor is 1 who enjoys the chase bt does 9t eat the gme.

6. A lewd bachelor makes a jealous husbnd.

7. Let sinful bachelors their woes deplore, full well they merit all they feel, nd more.

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7 Best Bachelors SMS Messages Shows They Are Better Than Married
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