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101 Love SMS, Messages

101 love sms ,messages and shayari. send it to your boyfriend or girlfriend.specially for lovers.

Love SMS, Messages

We have shared many love sms and messages with you. and now this is time for mega collection of such beautiful, cute and romantic love sms and messages. Today we are sharing one of the hottest collection of love text sms in texting language. so that you feel comfortable while typing this sms and messages in your messages composer. This are for lover birds who want to impress their boyfriend or girlfriend or want to propose. This are the bidirectional message to your love that you lover her/him. we have also shared many love shayari with you and you will also enjoy those love shayari in this post as well. because below this love sms, we will share some of the beautiful shayari for you and you will surely like it.

Best 87 love sms to impress girlfriend
Shayari to impress girlfriend

This are the perfect love quotes for you to share with your girlfriend or boyfriend and make happy to have a happy life with her. this love sms will have a very positive impact on her/him. because they share and say those words that you emotionally can not say to her. So these are the positive responses of your heart.

 Best Punjabi Love sms
Good Night SMS

This love messages will throw out your negativity and one more time you will fly in the air of love. this love sms will make your life awesome and romantic.

This love sms will change your life and make it more beautiful.

Hug picture quotes to melt your heart
Kiss picture quotes that makes you a romantic kisser

People ask what type of love sms you should send to your girlfriend or boyfriend. then today here we have that answer. this are the answers and love sms that you can share with your lovers.

This are seriously perfect and cute love messages that you have ever read.

Read this sms and messages and make your life perish like a pearl.

So no more find the best love sms because we have it and you will surely like it. This are very powerful love sms and messages. People say now a days that sunny leone is very hot actress but i say this sms and messages are even more hotter than her. because sunny can make you happy for 5 minutes but this love sms will change your life forever. You will get a true life partner not sunny.

So if you want and like any girl and want to make her your life partner but unable to express "i Love you" Then send this love sms and make her your life partner or wife.

101 Love SMS And Messages

1.       If U love somebody, let thm go. If they return, they were always Urs. If they don't, they Nevr were .    
2.       Love is the harmony of two souls singing 2gether.
3.       We cMe 2gether underneath the stars above. Wht started out as liking soon developed in2 love. I sense a certain something tht, in my heart, felt so true tht I knew I waited all my life 2 fall in love with U.
4.       They r wrong who say tht love is blind. On the contrary, 9thing - 9t even the smallest detail - escapes the eyes; 1 sees everything in the loved 1, 9tices everything; Bt melts it all in2 1 flMe with the great nd simple: I love U.
5.       Love is 9t love until love's vulnerable
6.       This is my wish for U: Comfort on difficult days, smiles whn sadness intrudes, rainbows 2 follow the clouds, laughter 2 kiss Ur lips, sunsets 2 warm Ur heart, hugs whn spirits sag, beauty for Ur eyes 2 see, friendships 2 brighten Ur being, faith so tht U can believe, confidence for whn U doubt, courage 2 know Urself, patience 2 accept the truth, Love 2 complete Ur life.
7.       Whn [he] kisses U he isn't doing anything else. U're his whole universe..nd the moment is eternal bcoz he doesn't hve any plans nd isn't going anywhere. Just kissing's overwhelming.
8.       Pure love is a willingness 2 give without a thought of receiving anything in return.
9.       Pure love produces pure nonsense.
10.   Immature love says: 'I love U bcoz I need U.'
11.   Faith makes all things possible.... love makes all things easy.
12.   The greater Ur capacity 2 love, the greater Ur capacity 2 feel the pain.
13.   U Nevr lose by loving. U always lose by holding back.
14.   Love is whn the othr person's happiness is more important thn Ur own.
15.   U can't s2p loving or wanting 2 love bcoz whn its right, it's the best thing in the world. Whn U're in a relationship nd it's good, even if 9thing else in Ur life is right, U feel like Ur whole world is complete.
16.   Love is missing some1 whNevr U're apart, Bt somehow feeling warm inside bcoz U're close in heart.
17.   Love tht we can 9t hve is the 1 tht lasts the longest, hurts the deepest nd feels the strongest...
18.   Thr is no feeling more comforting nd consoling thn knowing U r right next 2 the 1 U love.
19.   Love is whn U shed a tear nd still want him, it's whn he ignores U nd U still love him, it's whn he loves a9ther girl Bt U still smile nd say I'm happy for U, whn all U really do is cry.
20.   I love U more thn I hve ever found a way 2 say 2 U
21.   In love, it is better 2 know nd be disappointed, thn 2 9t know nd always wonder.
22.   Love isn't finding a perfect person. It's seeing an imperfect person perfectly.
23.   We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.
24.   People love othrs 9t for who they r Bt for how they make thm feel
25.   In true love the smallest distance is 2o great, nd the greatest distance can be bridged.
26.   Any1 can look at othr's eyes, Bt Lovers can see in2 each othr's souls through the eyes
27.   Thr is 9thing in the world so wonderful as 2 love nd be loved; thr is 9thing so devastating as love lost.
28.   Love is two minds without a single thought.
29.   Most people hve a harder time letting thmselves love thn finding some1 2 love thm.
30.   The quickest way 2 receive love is 2 give; the fastest way 2 lose love is 2 hold it 2o tightly; nd the best way 2 keep love is 2 give it wings
31.   2 love some1 is 9thing, 2 be loved by some1 is something, Bt 2 be loved by the 1 U love is everything
32.   Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart nd the senses.
33.   Who, being loved, is poor?
34.   Love is like seaweed; even if U hve pushed it away, U will 9t prevent it from coming back.
35.   Love knows no limit 2 its endurance, no end 2 its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stnds whn all else has fallen.
36.   Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful nd calm, Bt willing 2 draw blood in its defense.
37.   Love is born with the pleasure of looking at each othr, it is fed with the necessity of seeing each othr, it is concluded with the impossibility of separation.
38.   Yes I love him. I love him more thn anything else in this world nd thr is 9thing tht I would like better thn 2 hold on 2 him forever. Bt I know it's 9t for the best. So no matter how much my heart is going 2 break, I've got 2 let him go so he can know just how much I love him. Maybe if I'm lucky, he'll come back, Bt if 9t, I can make it through this.
39.   U know tht U r in love whn the hardest thing 2 do is say good-bye!!
40.   A true lover always feels in debt 2 the 1 he loves.
41.   2 love is 2 risk 9t being loved in return. 2 hope is 2 risk pain. 2 try is 2 risk failure, Bt risk must be taken bcoz the greatest hazard in life is 2 risk 9thing.
42.   2 an ordinary human being, love means 9thing if it does 9t mean loving some people more thn othrs
43.   U want me 2 act like we've Nevr kissed, U want 2 forget; pretend we've Nevr met , nd I've tried nd I've tried, Bt I hven't yet... U walk by, nd I fall 2 pieces.
44.   Love doesn't make the world go 'round. Love is Wht makes the ride worthwhile.
45.   Ur task is 9t 2 seek for love, Bt merely 2 seek nd find all the barriers within Urself tht U hve built against it.
46.   Love is 9t written on paper, for paper can be erased. Nor is it etched on s2ne, for s2ne can be broken. Bt it is inscribed on a heart nd thr it shall remain forever.
47.   People so seldom say I love U Nd thn it's either 2o late or love goes. So whn I tell U I love U, It doesn't mean I know U'll Nevr go, Only tht I wish U didn't hve 2.
48.   Nevr let a problem 2 be solved become more important thn the person 2 be loved.
49.   Love is Wht makes two people sit in the middle of a bench whn thr is plenty of room at both ends
50.   True love doesn't hve a happy ending, bcoz true love Nevr ends. Letting go is 1 way of saying I love U.
51.   Love wasn't put in Ur heart 2 stay. Love isn't love until U give it away.
52.   Wht is love? Love is whn 1 person knows all of Ur secrets... Ur deepest, darkest, most dreadful secrets of which no 1 else in the world knows... nd yet in the end, tht 1 person does 9t think any less of U; even if the rest of the world does.
53.   No man is worth Ur tears, Bt once U find 1 tht is, he won't make U cry
54.   Love comes unseen; we only see it go
55.   A part of U has grown in me. Nd so U see, it's U nd me 2gether forever nd Nevr apart, maybe in distance, Bt Nevr in heart.
56.   A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does 9t love her
57.   Love is the condition in which the happiness of a9ther person is essential 2 Ur own.
58.   If U hve 2 think about whether U love some1 or 9t thn the answer is no. Whn U love some1 U just know.
59.   The beginning of love is 2 let those we love be perfectly thmselves, nd 9t 2 twist thm 2 fit our own image. Othrwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in thm.
60.   If U r cold at night, let the promise of my love cover U like a warm blanket
61.   They spoil every romance by trying 2 make it last forever.
62.   Whn U smiled U had my undivided attention. Whn U laughed U had my urge 2 laugh with U. Whn U cried U had my urge 2 hold U. Whn U said U loved me, U had my heart forever.
63.   The 1 who loves U will make U weep.
64.   I love U 9t bcoz of who U r, Bt bcoz of who I M whn I M with U.
65.   U don't love some1 for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, Bt bcoz they sing a song only U can hear.
66.   I would rather hve eyes tht can9t see; ears tht can9t hear; lips tht can9t speak, thn a heart tht can9t love
67.   Spiteful words can hurt Ur feelings Bt silence breaks Ur heart.
68.   Do 9t love me bcoz i love U, love me for loving me.
69.   We can9t do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.
70.   It hurts 2 love some1 nd 9t be loved in return, Bt Wht is the most painful is 2 love some1 nd Nevr find the courage 2 let the person know how U feel.
71.   Eventually U will come 2 understnd tht love heals everything, nd love is all thr is.
72.   Laugh as much as U breathe nd love as long as U live.
73.   Love is 9t blind; it simply enables 1 2 see things othrs fail 2 see.
74.   Love is 1 of the hardest words 2 say nd 1 of the easiest 2 hear.
75.   It is better 2 lose Ur pride with some1 U love rather thn 2 lose tht some1 U love with Ur useless pride.
76.   2 the world U may be just 1 person, Bt 2 1 person U may be the world.
77.   Love is saying 'I feel differently' instead of 'U're wrong.'
78.   True Love burns the brightest, Bt the brightest flMes leave the deepest scars.
79.   The worst thing U can do for love is deny it; so whn U find tht special some1, don't let any1 or anything 2 get in Ur way.
80.   We say we love flowers, yet we pluck thm. We say we love trees, yet we cut thm down. Nd people still wonder why some r afraid whn 2ld they r loved.
81.   U've spent Ur whole life running nd running, trying 2 catch up with something tht has Nevr been thr for U. Nd all U've d1 is go farther nd farther away from the precious love tht's been waiting for U all the time.
82.   1 of the hardest things in life is having words in Ur heart tht U can't utter.
83.   Trying 2 make some1 fall in love with U is about as pointless as trying 2 control who U fall in love with.
84.   Love is just a word until some1 comes along nd gives it meaning.
85.   Just so U know, thr's a space tht only U can fill. Just so U know, I loved U thn, I guess I always will.
86.   Every man is afraid of something. Tht's how U know he's in love with U; whn he is afraid of losing U.
87.   Love is like an earthquake-unpredictable, a little scary, Bt whn the hard part is over U realize how lucky U truly r.
88.   Love is just love, it can Nevr be explained.
89.   Thr r four questions of value in life... Wht is sacred? Of Wht is the spirit made? Wht is worth living for, nd Wht is worth dying for? The answer 2 each is the sMe. Only love.
90.   It takes a minute 2 hve a crush on some1, an hour 2 like some1 nd a day 2 love some1 - Bt it takes a lifetime 2 forget some1.
91.   U can close Ur eyes 2 the things U do 9t want 2 see, Bt U can9t close Ur heart 2 the things U do 9t want 2 feel.
92.   The most important thing in life is 2 learn how 2 give out love, nd 2 let it come in.
93.   Ur heart is my piƱata.
94.   Find a guy who calls U beautiful instead of hot, who calls U back whn U hang up on him, who will lie under the stars nd listen 2 Ur heartbeat, or will stay awake just 2 watch U sleep... wait for the boy who kisses Ur forehead, who wants 2 show U off 2 the world whn U r in sweats, who holds Ur hnd in front of his friends, who thinks U're just as pretty without makeup on. 1 who is constantly reminding U of how much he crs nd how lucky his is 2 hve U.... The 1 who turns 2 his friends nd says, 'tht's her.'
95.   The love tht lasts the longest is the love tht is Nevr returned.
96.   For it was 9t in2 my ear U whispered, Bt in2 my heart. It was 9t my lips U kissed, Bt my soul.
97.   I hve found the paradox, tht if U love until it hurts, thr can be no more hurt, only more love.
98.   I don't pretend 2 know Wht love is for every1, Bt I can tell U Wht it is for me; love is knowing all about some1, nd still wanting 2 be with thm more thn any othr person, love is trusting thm enough 2 tell thm everything about Urself, including the things U might be ashMed of, love is feeling comfortable nd safe with some1, Bt still getting weak knees whn they walk in2 a room nd smile at U.
99.   1 of the hardest things in life is watching the person U love, love some1 else.
100.U may 9t love me 2day, tomorw, or evr, bt I wil love U until it kills me, nd, evn thn, U'll be in my heart.
101.Love iZ being stupid 2gether.

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101 Love SMS, Messages
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