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10 Things Boys Wish While Buying A New Bike( With Pictures)

10 Things Boys wish while buying a new Bike, Some becomes true and some fantasy. Know the reality of a young boy's mind when he buys a new bike.

10 Things Boys Wish while buying a new Bike
10 Things Boys Wish while buying a new Bike

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Hey guys, buying a bike in teen age is a dream for any youth. so today we are going to talk about those wishes that a young boy things while buying a new bike. Actually he does not buy it but his father gives him.(HaHaha..this is reality). But dreams are dreams and wishes are too. so we will discuss what he actually thinks about the bike at first and what happens after few moths. This is going to be very funny.

I an sure you will relate with me because you will also have seen such dreams and only you are the person who knows that your wish granted or not. Or the promises that you made with yourself.

So let's start what actually boys think while buying a new bike.

1.  Boy wishes, I will always keep it neat and clean.

bike cleaning

2.   Boy wishes, I will always ride it slow.

slow bike riding

3.   Boy wishes, I will not allow anyone to touch my bike.

do not touch my bike

4.   Boy wishes, I will take this bike for servicing in every month.

bike servicing

5.   Boy wishes, I wish petrol never goes empty in bike.

why this petrol?

6.   Boy wishes, My girlfriend should sit on my back.

my girlfriend and my bike

7.   Boy wishes, I wish it never gets punctured.

bike punctured again

8.   Boy wishes, I go for a long drive and never have to go on petrol pump.

we are on long drive

9.   Boy wishes, No one else should have any bike like mine.

i have unique bike

10. Boy wishes, My bike is best among friends.

So guys this were the fantasies and dreams that every one think when he buys a new bike. does it match with your fantasy and dreams that you ever wished for when you bought a new bike.

If i missed anything than please mention in comment so that i can add it in our list.

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10 Things Boys Wish While Buying A New Bike( With Pictures)
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