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10 Truth Quotes That You Cannot Ignore

10 truth quotes that is reality of life and you cannot ignore this. Reality of life, send to your boyfriend,girlfriend,brother,sister or husband wife.

10 Truth Quotes That You Cannot Ignore
10 Truth Quotes That You Cannot Ignore

Truth Quotes

If u love somebody, let thm go. If they return, they were always urs. If they don't, they nver were.

A thing is 9t necessarily true bcoz a man dies 4 it.

u can bend it nd twist it... u can misuse nd abuse it... bt even God can9t change the Truth.

Man is least himself whn he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, nd he will tell u the truth.

All truths r easy to understnd once they r discovered; the point is to discover thm.

Religions die whn they r proved to be true. Science is the record of dead religions.

The truth is rrly pure nd nver simple.

Love takes off masks tht we fear we can9t live without nd know we can9t live within.

I love u, nd bcoz I love u, I would so1r hve u hate me 4 telling u the truth thn adore me 4 telling u lies.

Unless ur heart, ur soul, nd ur whole being r behind every decision u make, the words from ur mouth will be empty, nd each action will be meaningless. Truth nd confidence r the roots of happiness.

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10 Truth Quotes That You Cannot Ignore
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