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Loosing Someone SMS And Messages

Loosing someone special sms and messages. Express your feelings when you losse somebody and are sad for that.

It happens when you love someone too much and he or she goes away from your life then it is moment of deep sorrow and person feels there is no one in this world for him or her who will take care of her. I think you need to et over from this depression because you are the part of god and you can not be alone. So if you want to express this feelings to others nd seek for sympathy or you know that person who left you and want to tell that you are his life or her life and you can not go away in such way then send this beautiful loosing someone sms and messages to that person to get her or him back in your life and enjoy yout healthy love life. So it is upto you that you want to be in sorrow or want to enjoy your life.

So for that purtpose send this best and top loosing someone sms and messages to your love and get her or him back in your life

                  Best Love SMS And Messages Ever(Selected Only)
♥Some people hold on 2 love 4 so long not because they're desperate, bt because they knw the pain tht lies behind losing some1 U truly love.

♥It is better 2 lose Ur pride with some1 U love rather thn 2 lose tht some1 U love with Ur useless pride.

♥whn we lose 1 we love, our bitterest tears r called 4th by the memory of hours whn we loved not enough. Maurice Maeterlinck

♥Losing some1 whn U're Ung is the greatest pain any1 can face.

♥Perhaps they r not stars, bt rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost 1s pours through nd shines down upon us 2 let us knw they r happy.

♥Losing some1 U love nd a loved 1 being sick, in pain nd there's nothing U can do 2 make them feel better.

♥Losing some1 is easy, bt accepting it is hard.

♥Losing some1 is not the end of everything, it is could be a new start 4 U. It could mean a better some1 coming.

♥I'm always scrd of losing some1 close 2 me...nd fed up of being 2ld tht 'It wil be fine...'

♥Like any other kind of love, friendship can be lost within our lives due 2 neglect or anger or, sometimes, just because of the circumstances. However it is lost, we often lose a part of ourselves tht can never quite be recovered.

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Loosing Someone SMS And Messages
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