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Best of 21 | Happy new year SMS. Send to your relatives and beloved one to this top rated and famous happy new year 2014 sms and wish them a healthy year.

37 Happy new year messages

How do wish new year, Do you send greeting cards or do you send other gifts like cakes, watch, wines or something else on the occasion of new year. As we know 2013 is about to end and 2014 is about to arrive in 1 day. So wish them happy new year 2014 with our new sms. This is one of the top 21 best sms and messages to wish happy new year.

If you do not send gifts like make up kit, dresses, gowns and cell phones to your girlfriend then send this beautiful and lovely sms and messages to your girlfriend if you want to wish her happy new year 2014. This is top quality and gorgeous happy new year sms for you. You can send this happy new year sms to a boyfriend or girlfriend or to anyone whom you admire most.

So do not wait and pick up some of the best happy new year sms for your beloved ones.

Happy new year sms

May the New Year unfold be4e u just like a new flower tht blooms slowly unfolding each petal. May each day of the New Year get filled up with sweet fragrance of contentment nd peace.

Just as u make each of special 4 the people around u, I wish tht the New Year turns out 2 be a vry special one 4 u filling each day with peak of health, abundance of happiness nd sunshine, bountiful luxury nd prosperity nd Zen like serenity.

May this New Year be a special one 4 u nd ur family instead of just being a chronological change of date nd time.

This New Year my wish 4 u is tht u should be at peace with urself as u feel connected with ur soul.

May the year 2014 give u the opportunity 2 realize ur dreams, rediscover ur strengths, muster your willpower and rejoice the simple pleasures that life would bring our way.

May each day of the year 2014 bring u little joys nd simple surprises tht will fill up each day with fun nd happiness.

This New Year my wish 4 u is 2 dream big, but be satisfied with the simple blessings tht life has gifted u with; 2 make mighty plans 4 the future, but never 2 ignore the little jous moments of the present.

May u begin the New year 2014 with a joyful heart tht gives u a clear mind 2 decide the right track 4 u 2 follow 2 achieve a bright nd beautiful future.

May this new year bring peace nd joy in ur life nd take u 2wards excellence. Wishing u a vry happy new year 2014.

May ur eyes, mind nd heart be filled with true spirit of starting a new year tht gives a fresh dimension 2 ur life. Happy New Year 2 u!

This new year message has nothing much 2 say but 2 request ur lips 2 stretch a little nd brighten this world with a sweet smile.

We will open the book its pages r blank,wer going 2 put words on them by ourselves,the book is called OPPORTUNITY nd its first chapter is NEW YEAR'S DAY.wish u a great year ahead.

Friends r not beautiful as they look,as they walk,as they talk.friends r beautiful as they show sincerity,as they cr nd as they remember u.as dear friend u always do.wish u a great year ahead.

New year is like a new sun rise of hope,of prosperity,of happiness;its like a new beginning of thoughts,of words,of actions;its like a new day of energy, of strength,of ideas;its like a bunch of whole new things of pryers, of friends nd of love.happy new year

Life may not always give u the second chance so be grateful 2 God tht u r alive 2 see another year of happiness, wealth, prosperity nd joy.

Discover new joys, embark on new journeys nd give more meaning 2 ur life in 2014. Happy New Year 2014.

No matter if evry sunset steels one day frm our life, but evry sunrise gives us one another day 2 hope!i wish new hopes will always be a part of ur life.Happy new year.

Genuine successcomes only 2 those who r ready 4 it.so never step back nd always have courage 2 accept new challenges.wishing u a vry happy new year.

Embrace the New Year with not just a new look but also with a new nd positive approach 2 make things simple in the year ahead

There r some important lessons 2 be learnt frm the past so whether u win or lose, it is the learning of the lesson tht matters at the end of each year.

This is 2 all the people in a world who r born on 1st January whr we all the people of world called it a NEW YEAR nd we celebrate 4 it. Guys(born on 1st January) u should be happy,not only u,ur family,ur friends who is celebrating ur birthday but its a whole world who is around u nd who is celebrating 4 u.cheers,once again ur birthday is coming.

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