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10 Online Dating Tips Advice For Men And Women [INFOGRPHIC]

10 online dating tips and advice for men and women. Does free online dating sites work or all scams. Below infographic will give you detail info as a consultant.

10  Online Dating Tips Advice For Men And Women [INFOGRPHIC]
10  Online Dating Tips Advice For Men And Women [INFOGRPHIC]

What is online dating

Online dating means meeting a person on the internet and sharing and talking with her or him which later turns into a relationship. But it does not happen all the time most of the time people become fools.

Why People do not believe now on online dating sites

Just because of scam people now think that all the dating sites are scams and doesn't work but it is not true. Still we can see people are getting married after their online affair or say online dating and apart from this there are many people, boys and girls who say, they fall into a relationship every week with a new boyfriend and girlfriend. So it still works.

Online dating advice tips for men and women.

Below I will provide you online dating statistics, facts and figures through which you will become aware what is indeed to find a life partner and what to ask  from a girl or boy when you meet online.

Online dating Facts

  1. 81% people lie about their height, weight and age.
  2. In 2007 20 million people visited online dating sites.
  3. In 2012 40 million people search for online dating sites.

Top 5 International online dating sites and their revenue

  1. Plentyoffish 5 million revenue.
  2. Christianmingle with 12.7 million revenue.
  3. Eharmony with 100 million revenue.
  4. Ashleymadison with 60 million revenue.
  5. Zoosk with 90 million revenue.
  6. Chemistry with 100 million revenue.
  7. Match with 105.2 million revenue.

Online Dating 

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More Detail about online dating advice and tips for men and women at below infographic.

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10 Online Dating Tips Advice For Men And Women [INFOGRPHIC]
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