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Top 20 Missing You Baby SMS For U With Shayari

I am missing you baby ok so you want to express it so do it with top and best shayari and Best SMS just for u so that express your love.

Top 20 Missing You Baby SMS For U With Shayari
Top 20 Missing You Baby SMS For U With Shayari

what to do when you miss your baby too much then send this sms to get her back and to make you love .here best of shayari has awesome collection of love sms for you and specially missing you sms to send to your girlfriend or boyfriend.shayari are the best medium to express the love but if you don't know shayari then you can use love sms and long distance relationship messages to impress her and say emotionally I am missing u baby.

Missing You Baby SMS

Whn the night has come nd the lnd's dark.
Whn the moon is the only light.
We'll see, look at the stars
Can U count thm?
I miss U tht much. 

I can hvegold ,diMond & pearls even the most expensive outfit in daworld .All dat is meaningless if i don't hve u by maside .I Miss U Alot

u know how much i miss u 9t 2o much bt whn ever i breath i miss uuu....muzee
Missed calls doesnt mean 4 time pass.It silently says tht i M happily thiniking about u especially this particular moment!! i miss u alot

If I Can,I Would Send My Eyes In a Message 2 See U ...I MISS U. cute angel

i miss u so much tht i could even crawl with my bR knees & hnds 4 10 miles on broken glasses just 2 see u.

The worst way 2 miss some1 is 2 be sitting right beside thm knowing U can't hve thm.

I called 1011 reporting 4 a missing person & they said 2 me the fact tht I miss U doesn't make it a police matter!! can U believe it? Stupid cops!

Sometimes, I 4get 2 say hi,
Sometimes, I even miss 2 reply,
Sometimes, my msg doesn't reach u,
Bt, it doesn't mean tht I 4get u,
I'm just giving u time 2 miss me!

I miss Ur warm eyes,
the way U listen nd cR.
I miss Ur kisses
nd all tht we shR
Miss U Dear

An simple Bye make us cry,
A simple Joke make us laugh,
simple CR make us fall in love.
I hope my simple SMS make U think of me.I Miss U

A simple 'HELLO' can b so sweet…
H:How r u?
E:Everything OK
L:Like 2 c u
L:Love 2 hear u
O:Obviously I MISS U!

Wht makes some people DeRr?
Is 9t just the happiness
tht U feel whn U meet thm,
Bt the pain U feel,
whn U . . . . . Miss thm !

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Top 20 Missing You Baby SMS For U With Shayari
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