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I Love You SMS To Impress Girlfriend or Boyfriend

I Love You SMS To Impress Girlfriend or Boyfriend,Send this cute,sweet and very emotional sms to your beloved one's to whom you love very deeply.

Say I love you to your girlfriend or boyfriend but not in simple way make it special through making it very special so here we have sweet and cute I love you sms collection these messages are very emotional and heart touching the person to whom you love will be very emotional after reading this.and he will be yours if he or she is angry with you.so don't wait just send this I love you sms to your boyfriend or girlfriend.


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I Love You SMS

If u Love sumone then add some wings to ur Love.
After having wings if it still decide to stay with u, then it's a True Luv

You r the one that I adore; You r everything I asked for & so much more.
You r my angel oh so fine, I've found a luv to last a lifetime.

He gives us rain and sunshine,
He gives us rainbows too ...
He gives us friends to cherish,
I know, because he gave me you.

Just walk outside and spread your arms,
Look up to the heavens above ...
If you feel a drop of rain hit your face,
That's God sending his love

Luv nt 1, Luv nt 2 Luv d 1 who luvs u true,
Luv nt 3, Luv nt 4 Luv d one who luvs u more,
Luv nt 5, Luv nt 6 Luv d 1 who really sticks,
Luv nt 7, Luv nt 8 Luv d 1 who really waits

I love you daily
I love you freely
I love you purely
I love you passionately
I love you madly
I love you ideally
I love you rightly
I love you too much
And waiting for you sadly.....
Do U love me..............

I may b innocent 2 know what love is,
I may nt show it 2 u.
I may nt luv u the way it should b,
but Im always willing to love u D way I understand it

Don't search luv, let luv find u. It's called falling in luv, coz u don't force urself to fall, u just fall and there will be someone to catch U
Missd call reaches mobile,
Rcvd calls reaches ears,
But sms reaches beautiful eyes & heart..
So I always like tu send sms to u :-)

love only 2 people in this world
1.those who gave birth to u that is ur parents
2.n the one who was born for u that is ur true love

Kabi dua me kisiko mango aur wo tumhe na mile to itna jaan lo ki kahi koi aur tumhe apne rab se maang raha hi aur uski mohabbat metumse jyada sihddat hai!
your's love touched my heart,
your's gentle touch moved my heart and
your's words inspired me lot.you are
a special one in my life.

A true love can understands every feeling and behaves with out hurting
each other.


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I Love You SMS To Impress Girlfriend or Boyfriend
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